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I believe Don't Do Laser and I haven't given up hope. Just think I am even worse off as I had hair on my arms done like the triceps ares. Well I clean shaved from Bicep up few times for them to get Treated and now I have hair growing in... READ COMMENT

I am getting regrowth myself. In different area on my neck and my cheeks look so much better now. I dont have the same thick/fullness yet tho. READ COMMENT

Hey Don't Do Laser I have a question for you.. I have been shaving my arms with hair clippers to keep the Lenght down and shaving my chest with a Razor.. And it seems I am now more hairier then before as in my Blonde Hair on my body has... READ COMMENT

Do you mean your whole neck of your Beard is peachfuzz? That is hair that was always there but the laser never picked it up to remove it so now yours just seeing the peachfuzz That was always there.Like I had my cheeks lasered and all... READ COMMENT

Did you shave before where the peachfuzz is now? From from my experience you you shave a hair that is blonde and short it will grow back longer and blonde and if you keep shaving it it will grow back black and coarse just like with... READ COMMENT