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Hi there, I had upper bleph in Sept 2010 with the same horrible hollow results. I immediately started looking for a solution. After about 3 months I had filler (esthelis) injected and continued topping it up over the next 2 years. I was... READ COMMENT

Hey there, how are you going...just checking that you're ok. I'm happy to share photos, just via email rather than online. I think you can email me direct if you want. I have already shared photos with another lady in the same... READ COMMENT

Sure can. Do I do this via your email? My last lot of filler has lasted 2 years and still going strong. I would be pretty sure this is a better solution than fat grafting. Adam Watson at Eye Insitute in Auckland has been great. How do I... READ COMMENT

Esthelis is softer than restylane and after a month of settling the results look very natural. I dont think the 2 products can be mixed in the same area tho, so one needs to deplete before the new one is introduced. The only down side... READ COMMENT

Dr Adam Watson at the Eye Institute in Auckland. He's been fantastic. READ COMMENT