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Reviews by MissSydney

6 Days Post Under Eye Fraxel:reStore - Sydney, AU

I'm currently 6 days post my first Fraxel procedure. It was the Fraxel reStore laser. I should preface this review by stating that i am from an Eastern European background - very fair skinned, dark hair and eyes. So my review is aimed more to people with that colouring, as different cultures... READ MORE

Botox - Love It! - Headaches Gone! - Sydney, AU

I have had botox regularly since 2007. Initially for the excruciating migraines i used to suffer. This stuff really does work for me in getting rid of regular, painful migraines that id suffered for years. From a cosmetic point of view. I am 34 years of age, but often get mistaken for... READ MORE

Painful! - Sydney, AU

I had this treatment done approximately 4 months ago. Never again. Although i love the result (my teeth are indeed a few shades lighter), the post treatment pain was absolutely excrutiating. Actually, the pain started mid way through the procedure, but the dentist kept leaving me alone in a room... READ MORE

Ultherapy - 2 Months on - Sydney, Australia

After a tough year, i felt like i had aged 5 years. I felt as if my cheeks had become sunken, i looked a bit drawn (as evidenced by sagging of acne scarring!) and i wanted to get rid of the sadness in my eyes by refreshing the rest of my face. I had ultherapy to my cheeks, lower face area... READ MORE

Worked, Somewhat - Sydney, Australia

Immediately post procedure, it plumped up my skin (due to the trauma of the pin pricks) and so yes, my acne scarring looked "diminished". I think however, had i gone to a plastic surgeon/cosmetic surgeon, he would have used a longer pin, therefore penetrating further, and causing more... READ MORE

Keloid Scars - Treatment That Has Worked for Me - Sydney, AU

I recently had an excision of a keloid scar, that had developed after i had a bunch biopsy of a tiny mole on my right upper arm, then had it removed again via excision after the mole reappeared. I had the biopsy of my mole (turned out to be benign) approximately 4 months after i gave birth. It... READ MORE

Questions from MissSydney

Should I Apply Anti Inflammatory Ointment to Scars Following Mole Removal to Prevent Scarring?

I have in the past week had 20 moles removed from various parts of my body (mainly lower arms, legs and a few from my back). I still have stitches in situ. Once removed, should... READ MORE

Best ways to treat post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation? Even a 50% reduction would be great.

18 months ago i had several moles surgically removed from each forearm - for no reason, other than "cosmetic" (oh the irony!). I am now left with red marks, instead of faded... READ MORE