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6 Days Post Under Eye Fraxel:reStore - Sydney, AU

I'm currently 6 days post my first Fraxel procedure. It was the Fraxel reStore laser. I should preface this review by stating that i am from an Eastern European background - very fair skinned, dark hair and eyes. So my review is aimed more to people with that colouring, as different cultures... READ MORE

Botox - Love It! - Headaches Gone! - Sydney, AU

I have had botox regularly since 2007. Initially for the excruciating migraines i used to suffer. This stuff really does work for me in getting rid of regular, painful migraines that id suffered for years. From a cosmetic point of view. I am 34 years of age, but often get mistaken for... READ MORE

Painful! - Sydney, AU

I had this treatment done approximately 4 months ago. Never again. Although i love the result (my teeth are indeed a few shades lighter), the post treatment pain was absolutely excrutiating. Actually, the pain started mid way through the procedure, but the dentist kept leaving me alone in a room... READ MORE

Ultherapy - 2 Months on - Sydney, Australia

After a tough year, i felt like i had aged 5 years. I felt as if my cheeks had become sunken, i looked a bit drawn (as evidenced by sagging of acne scarring!) and i wanted to get rid of the sadness in my eyes by refreshing the rest of my face. I had ultherapy to my cheeks, lower face area... READ MORE

Worked, Somewhat - Sydney, Australia

Immediately post procedure, it plumped up my skin (due to the trauma of the pin pricks) and so yes, my acne scarring looked "diminished". I think however, had i gone to a plastic surgeon/cosmetic surgeon, he would have used a longer pin, therefore penetrating further, and causing more... READ MORE

Keloid Scars - Treatment That Has Worked for Me - Sydney, AU

I recently had an excision of a keloid scar, that had developed after i had a bunch biopsy of a tiny mole on my right upper arm, then had it removed again via excision after the mole reappeared. I had the biopsy of my mole (turned out to be benign) approximately 4 months after i gave birth. It... READ MORE

Questions from MissSydney

Should I Apply Anti Inflammatory Ointment to Scars Following Mole Removal to Prevent Scarring?

I have in the past week had 20 moles removed from various parts of my body (mainly lower arms, legs and a few from my back). I still have stitches in situ. Once removed, should... READ MORE

Best ways to treat post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation? Even a 50% reduction would be great.

18 months ago i had several moles surgically removed from each forearm - for no reason, other than "cosmetic" (oh the irony!). I am now left with red marks, instead of faded... READ MORE

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Surgery absolutely worked for me, but make sure you go with plastic surgeon. I was also hyper vigilant about applying rose hip oil and hirudoid cream. If its only the two you have, id also recommend silicone sheets, and vit d... READ COMMENT

Over a year and a half later, I have had no issues with keloiding on the arm the plastic surgeon worked on. Nor on my back. However, I pushed my luck by having some more moles removed from my arm, by a general dr who used removable... READ COMMENT

Hi RWolk, i have always used AHAs (20-60%). But im going to try mendelic and jessner peels in the coming months. I havent been successful in finding a peel provider in Australia that sells direct to the public. So ive been using a... READ COMMENT

You seem to be in the business, hence wouldnt recommend people do it themselves as you would lose out on money. Learn to express yourself correctly in English first, before giving a superficial opinion on a post. Btw way, i am a nurse,... READ COMMENT