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Does the Nd:YAG Laser Actually Remove Hair Efficiently and Permanently?

Given that melanin absorption at 1064nm is very low I am surprised that hair removal is possible at all with the Nd:YAG laser. Can anyone claim to have achieved 'good',... READ MORE

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Hi Vocogo. Sorry for the late reply! The treatment showed some very interesting results but resulted in most of the epidermal layer sloughing off after a couple of weeks. This took most of the ink with it but left the volunteer with an... READ COMMENT

To be frank, the 'best' lasers are the more powerful ones. In simple terms, the higher the output energy, the better. This is because these systems can deliver more energy into the dermis, and hence to the ink. This results in better... READ COMMENT

You may be experiencing an allergic response to the treatment. When you have the pigment treated by laser it effectively releases the ink back into your system. Your immune system will then respond and remove those particles. However,... READ COMMENT

I am testing this method at the moment. All I can report at the moment is that it does cause more epidermal (surface) damage than the conventional method. This results in more blisters and loss of the upper layer of the skin surface.... READ COMMENT

"The device uses a combined mechanical and chemical mechanism to remove tattoos. A series of needles inject into the tattooed skin the chemical solution, which dissolves the tattoo ink."-according to them. I would not touch this with... READ COMMENT