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Will My Breast Implants Change With My Body Shape?

Implants 7/8 Years Ago - I Had the Problem of the Left Not "Dropping to Match the surgeon internally while I was awake for all surgeries " removed scar tissue and... READ MORE

Removing Large Breast Implants

I hate my implants, they are too large and were at time..but I was in a different frame of mind 5 years ago, I was a 34 c and wanted a lift and a full or small d, I got an real... READ MORE

Do Plastic Surgeons in Texas Have a Payment Plan for Removal Only?

55 years old...hate implants one is hard and encapilated and inplants were placed under muscle...need surgeon in Texas..don't think insurance will pay due to cosmestic... READ MORE

I Have Capulature in Left Breast Which is Under Muscle, Right Implant is Above Muscle..How To Revise?

Have had left muscle form capulature status since implanted 6 years ago, now it is under armpit and so high and hard that it is obvious in shirts.. I had a mammogram this month... READ MORE

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My daughter is a 40DDD and only 5'2, insurance will pay if dr recommends , her back hurts, she is limited to activity because of size...she shows signs of depression because of that and her weight, if insurance will pay on both can a... READ COMMENT

I have had implants for over 5 years,I have posted many times stating about the problems with my left breast hard incapilated, and no help from surgeon without paying 3000.00 Last Thursday I went for a mammogram to see what might be... READ COMMENT

I have group insurance through my husband( the same) employment (group)...I hope that since they do not consider the situation only cosmetic...I would love to hear from doctors on their feelings about the ordeal. Can it be harmful to... READ COMMENT

I take some responsibility in deciding to have procedure done due to mid-life crisis, and husbands straying...wrong, wrong, wrong,.....the Dr. is board licensed and has done good work on others, and I should have known since I started... READ COMMENT

I had the same problem right and had to have the and the dr? used some type of crow bar looking instrument and pulled it in place...be careful..don't ignored..it was my left breast and I have had nothing but problems ..I am 20 lbs... READ COMMENT