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Thanks Seana, this method has been described to me before. It does sound the best way. I think I will wait another year and have it done when I'm 60. I'll probably benefit from a facelift then too so I won't begrudge paying out all... READ COMMENT

I've cancelled my appointment for the stab and squeeze removal. Scared it might cause infection. Leaving the BioA where it is until I'm confident in having it removed totally. What is the most successful way to remove it? I know Mr... READ COMMENT

I doubt it can all be removed by puncture and squeeze but I thought it might be worth having a Consultation with Mr Rhodes. He is well qualified but not sure how many removals he has done. I will go and get his opinion, but won't... READ COMMENT

How long ago did you have it squeezed out Sean? Have you ever had an MRI to see if it is all out? I have a lot around my eyes so I might have to have it removed in a method other than squeezing. READ COMMENT

Yes, I saw a well known Plastic Surgeon in November. His practice was in Harley Street. He was ver nice but only recommended mainly the squeeze method. He wanted to cut the inside of my cheeks to get the big lump that is in my cheeks. ... READ COMMENT