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And then Leann went back to the 4 mm I still say they looked okay felt hard nobody noticed that I removed them (lol) READ COMMENT

I had mine over two years and just finally removed them a few weeks ago never nevèr felt soft and even though my partner didn't feel them I did and even putting on lipstick was horrible READ COMMENT

I do not work for a dentist I do work for a surgeon and I have never had a patient tell me or the Dr. what they feel is the correct healing time is (LOL) and implants fail for any number of reasons, some people just reject them or do... READ COMMENT

There is a company that sells super cheap implants we did try them for several cases but they failed so we ended up having to replace them for free. I never said it was not possible I said it is against the law for Oral Surgeons to do... READ COMMENT

Personally this concerns me very much. I work in the industry and the cheapest implant out there DR,s cost is $150 abutment,and parts $150 crown cost lab $250 so that is 550 low end cost now a Dr also has to pay staff, supplies and... READ COMMENT