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Upper Eyelid - Columbia, MO

Best experience, excellent doctor. Under local plus sedative. Had too much skin at 42 looked tired all the time. I think it looks so good already I can't even imagine what it will look like in a few months. 01/18/2011-New photos to try and show small complication. Still happy though, eyes... READ MORE

Mid Tummy Tuck - Columbia, MO

I have four boys and alot of loose skin. I am 5'7" and 134lbs. so I don't need any lipo. I have always had the body type so that I have had to stay at a low weight because it is all carried in my low abdomen. Had TT yesterday at 10 and it hurts. Still worth it though.... READ MORE

Implant Exchange Big to Small, NO LIFT. 425cc Saline to 275cc High Profile Silicone. - Columbia, MO

Had my 425s for 11 years and they didn't really match my frame at a size 4-6. When I had them done 11 years aso the doc talked me into larger than I wanted saying most women regret not going larger. That caused hard to find clothes that would fit my waist and not be too small in the chest... READ MORE

Questions from Columbia Mo

Why Did my Doctor Use Steri Strips on Top of my Upper Eyelid Stitches?

The strips are now really dry and tight, is it okay to put an ointment on them/ READ MORE

What Are the Chances of Webbing Being Corrected with Scar Massage?

My PS is having me do scar massage with Flucinonide cream. Is there a time limit on having lumpy scars injected? READ MORE

I Had Radiesse Put in my Cheeks Almost 48 Hours Ago and my Lip is Going Numb on and Off?

Is this normal and how long does it last. I didn't have any done near my lips. READ MORE

Discussions started by Columbia Mo

How long to fit in clothes?

If I have always been really athletic how long to fit back in to my clothes after mid TT? I am 5'7' and 134, any close to my body type? READ MORE

Is it normal to have a really bad headache?

I thought it was from the vicodin so I stopped that and went to Tylenol but still have headache. I'm 3 days post TT and drinking tons of water. READ MORE