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Elevess Allergic Reaction

I recently received Elevess injections for some depressions on my chin due to acne. All was fine for three weeks and then all my injections sites started to swell. It seems I am also allergic to sulfites (nose turns red when I drink red wine). Apparently, the reaction was caused by this... READ MORE

Fraxel Created Problems Where There Weren't Any

Some pros - smaller pores, rolling scars appear less deep (but in no means are gone). Please do not believe that this laser is risk free! I had my last one (out of 5) done over six months ago still desperately trying to help cystic acne scars on chin. Dr used a deep setting for those and a... READ MORE

Pretty Easy but Diligence is Key

I started using Invisalign in 2005. Teeth weren't terrible, but the gap between my top two had always bothered me. I had to wear the top retainer for 5 months and the bottom for 9 months. Other than the hassle of having to remove them to eat and having my speech affected slightly, it was... READ MORE