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Reviews by Gracey

My Full Tummy Tuck After Weight Loss (Bypass) Surgery - North Carolina

After having weight loss surgery, and losing 40% of my body weight. I am moving to the next step to have a full tummy tuck. I would like to have a few other things done, but am doing the one that is the most important to me - first. I have met with 4 Cosmetic Surgeons and decided on one... READ MORE

Permanent Eyeliner - Greensboro, NC

I got my permanent eyeliner almost 5 years ago (at the age of 47) and I LOVE it! Many days I don't feel that I have to wear make-up because my eyes make me look good without anything else. I do add a bit of foundation and lipstain most days but again, feel I look OK with just my eyeliner. It... READ MORE

Only Needed to Lose 80 Pounds - Gastric Bypass Surgery Due to out of Control Diabetes - Resolved! - Greensboro, NC

I am so happy that I had gastric bypass surgery! I simply cannot tell you what a huge difference it has made in my life. I was not the traditional candidate because I was not 100 pounds overweight. However my diabetes was out of control regardless of what my Dr and I did to try to control... READ MORE

Questions from Gracey

What Would You Suggest I Do if I Am Unhappy (At 15 Days PO) with my Full Tummy Tuck Result?

I consulted with 4 accredited Plastic Surgeons and each assured me that I was a "dream" tummy tuck candidate. After losing 82 pounds, I had a great deal of loose skin... READ MORE

What Should I Do if I Am Not Happy with Results of ETT?

I am over 50, 5' 2" inches and had lost 90 pounds prior to my ETT. I carefully consulted with 4 Board certified Plastic surgeons and each assured me I would have... READ MORE

How Can I Tell if I Got a Full Tummy Tuck?

How can I tell if I got a full tummy tuck that I agreed to ? I never had to walk bent over, did not have much pain. I am 51 and had lost over 80 lbs. If swelling goes down... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Before and After Main Photo - Representative of Most Results?

When you go to the tummy tuck forum, it pulls up a main photo of someone that "before" had lots of loose skin and fat and the "after" photo shows a very... READ MORE

Swelling Has Increased After Stopping Compression and Resuming Exercise. What to Do?

6 weeks PO from Full Tummy Tuck with waist lipo. Was advised to stop wearing compression at 6 wks PO and allowed to start running for exercise. Within 24 hours I was very... READ MORE

If I Do a Crash Diet Before Lipo, Will Dr Be Able to Remove More Fat Cells?

I am considering lipo of my midriff and abdomen. I have always heard that you have a certain number of fat cells and that the only thing that changes is how much fat they... READ MORE