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Botox to Masseter Muscle for TMJ, Bad Side Effects?

I have recently had Botox to my Masseter muscles as I clench all the time, have a very strong jaw and suffer with TMJ, neck pain. I am not sure of the dosage I had, I had it... READ MORE

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Great thank you, yes photos would be great, I am going to be brave and put my before pics up this weekend eek!! I have had lipo on my tummy three times, very very very very painful!!!!! xx READ COMMENT

Wow your recovery has been amazing, I sooo hope mine is as quick! I have a holiday in the UK three weeks after, but I am thinking I can just chill there while my husband takes the kids out!! I am definitely going to take the herbs you... READ COMMENT

How are you results now? I had lipo on my tummy and it does really take the bulk out of it, it really flattened it. I say lipo it was Vaser lipo/Smart and done while I was awake. Hope things are getting better for you with the tummy... READ COMMENT

Thank you for your informative reply! I hope to god she doesn't change my appointment as I won't be able to have it done as I only have those four weeks off of work as I work in a school, so I am very nervous about that! What is the... READ COMMENT

Oh another question Sorry! Bit personal has the TT made your 'Mon/pubic area higher and different at all? Mr Cadier said this will be flatter and higher and just wondered what you thought about your results? I still haven't had any... READ COMMENT