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Acne Scars - How Long After Other Treatments Should I Wait to Get Fraxel Repair?

I had 1 subcision back in February and 2 dermaroller sessions in April & July. I also applied Retin A 0.025 every night. Will my skin be ready for Fraxel Repair or should I... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair - Is There a Visible Difference Between Treated and Untreated Areas?

My acne scarring is concentrated on my temples & forehead. I don't see a point of treating healthy skin when there isn't a need to. Is it ok just to treat the scarred... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair Settings for Acne Scars

I have several rolling acne scars on my temple & forehead and I have olive skin (between 3 & 4 in the Fitzpatrick scale). My local doctor recommended me Treatment... READ MORE

How Can I Treat Hyperpigmentation After Having a Fraxel Repair Treatment?

What is the best way to treat hyperpigmentation after having a fraxel repair treatment? Hydroquinone creams don't seem to work ! Any help will be greatly appreciated. READ MORE

How Long After Fraxel Repair Can I Start Using Retin-A

Had Fraxel Repair 3 weeks ago. Will Retin-A help with the collagen rebuilding process? Also how long after my treatment should I wait to start using Retin-A? (I have the 0.025 %). READ MORE

Best Filler for Chicken Pox and Acne Scars on Temple?

I have chicken pox scars and acne scars on my temples. Which is the best injectable filler to treat those scars? I'm looking for something that will last 1 - 2 years.... READ MORE