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Saved my Eyelid Appearance - One of the Best Oculoplastic Surgeons out There - White Plains, NY

Dr. Gupta was able to correct some deep lumpy scarring and other complications caused by other doctors' surgery on my upper eyelids, and she then did some cosmetic work to make my eyelid creases symmetrical. I had consulted many surgeons over the years, some of whom refused to operate as they... READ MORE

Questions from SapphireOne9

Eyelid Surgery to Eliminate Lower Eyelid Wrinkling?

I am 55. I have some crepiness, wrinkling, and now a slight laxity in my lower eyelid skin. I did have CO2 Laser under the eyes when I was 40, which did a miraculous job of... READ MORE

How Soon is It Safe to Get Restylane Injected in Undereye and Upper Cheek Skin After a CO2?

Laser peel? I had a week's downtime with significant peeling and am still red. All my wrinkles are gone (for now) but I may want to plump the skin up again after healing is... READ MORE

How can I correct a deep scar in upper lid near brow

Is there any way of filling in a deep scar in an upper lid near the brow safely, either surgically or with filler? I've tried fat injections and restylane but neither lasts.... READ MORE

Will an ablative laser like erbium stimulate collagen production without permanently thinning the skin?

I have an indented area due to a Kenalog Injection which eliminated some underlying scar tissue. I want a procedure to stimulate collagen - would a light resurfacing with an... READ MORE

How soon can I get restylane after Kenalog injection?

I had a Kenalog 40 injection into a raised hypertrophic incision scar which got rid of the all the scar tissue in a week. I have read the Kenalog stays in your tissues for a... READ MORE

How soon can I get a new scar lasered down? Would an erbium laser work? I had upper eyelid blepharoplasty two months ago.

I had an upper eyelid blepharoplasty two months ago. A suture broke and the edges were not approximated in one area, so that small area healed with a raised hypertrophic scar.... READ MORE

What is the best way to remove broken capillaries under the nose?

What is the best way to get rid of small capillaries under the nose? I can't have a treatment that will potentially make them worse. READ MORE

How often can CO2 laser under eyes be repeated?

I have had CO2 laser peels under my eyes 3 times, at age 41, 50, and 5 years ago at age 56. I loved the results and the slight skin tightening. How often is it safe to repeat this? READ MORE

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I believe you can have the keloid scars near your ears lasered away by a good specialist. A friend of mine had thick keloid scars in front of her ears after a facelift, and her dermatologist lasered them off with an erbium laser. You... READ COMMENT

In the upper lids, particularly the crease, I find mine lasted a long time - I see no change in the amount in the crease after 4 years! Maybe it's permanent there, on me, at least. In the brow area it usually lasts on me about a... READ COMMENT

I looked into pearl fat grafting but decided it was a bit risky; more surgery, somewhat invasive, as I was told the fat is put into the orbital septum, and fat does not last well on me. Many doctors are now doing the hyualuronics. ... READ COMMENT

No, I would not do that unless they are in different areas of the lid. Either one works; it's what the injector is most comfortable and experienced with. They are basically the same formulation but in different consistencies. Also,... READ COMMENT

I've tried fat (didn't last at all on me) and two of the hyaluronic fillers, restylane and Juvaderm. I found after 3 injections, the fullness from the hyaluronics lasted permanently on me in the crease of the upper lid. It stimulates... READ COMMENT