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Looking Better - NYC

I got Perma Facial Implants in my upper and lower lips 4 days ago. I think the results will end up looking quite nice. I tend to bruise and swell easily, which was the case, although in the last two days this has improved immensely. Still, I expect lingering swelling for a few weeks. I am eager... READ MORE

Refreshed Look - New York, NY

I have held off on BOTOX for a long time. Three years ago I underwent facial rejuvenation...face lift, brow lift, upper & lower eyelid surgery. The results were great and I wanted to maintain them as best I can. During a consultation with my cosmetic surgeon, I voiced my concerns about... READ MORE

No Result, Painful, Waste of Time & Money - Denville, NJ

I suffer from cellulite and read that VelaShape was the first and only FDA-cleared medical device for body re-shaping. Since it's non-invasive, I thought I'd try it. It sounded too good to be true and it was. The idea that VelaShape feels like a hot stone massage is ridiculous. It... READ MORE

Restoring a More Youthful Appearance - New York, NY

I had plastic surgery (first time in my life) when I turned 50 to rejuvenate my face...upper and lower eyelids, brow lift, full face lift. Loved the results after everything healed, but time marches on; the aging process continues. Today, at 54, I still look 1,000 times better than before... READ MORE

Clearer, Brighter, More Radiant Skin - Dallas, TX

I have a very fair complexion and was experiencing mild rosacea, had a few small spider veins, and some light "age spots" due to sun damage. I tried a topical and an oral treatment for the rosacea, prescribed by my dermatologist,but felt that IPL would be a more natural solution... READ MORE

LOVE my Smile - Dallas, TX

I grew up in the era before we understood that taking tetracycline when young could stain the teeth. My tetracycline staining was pronounced. I had green/gray teeth. Like most people who are uncomfortable with their smile, I hid it with my hand, refused to smile in pictures, and was very... READ MORE

Stunning Results - Texas

About 4 years ago, when I turned 50, non-invasive laser treatments no longer produced the results I was looking for. I looked tired and older than my years. This had a significant impact on my sense of well-being and self-confidence. It was time to "go under the knife." After... READ MORE

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I would love to know about the credentials of the dentists who did the veneers where the posters have had problems. Any dentist can call him or herself a cosmetic dentist, even without a single shred of experience! Always look for a... READ COMMENT

I went with the 4 mm at the recommendation of my plastic surgeon. He based it on the amount/volume of lip tissue I have and my desire for a more natural look. I'd ask your plastic surgeon what he or she thinks. Maybe get 2-3 opinions. READ COMMENT

Best of luck on your upcoming surgery, and when you're ready to get a 2nd opinion on the permalips, good luck with this too. I'm very happy with my permalip implants, and I was so hesitant to get them. The idea of an implant in my upper... READ COMMENT

I would get a second opinion from another plastic surgeon on the perma-lips. I can't imagine getting shots of dermal fillers in my lips every few months, and the constant inflation/deflation. But that's just me. I saw someone once who... READ COMMENT

Anuta - I'm sure it's possible. I only wanted my upper lip done because I didn't think my lower lip needed it. My biggest concern were the lines around my upper lip. It wasn't thin, just wrinkled. My surgeon strongly urged me to do both... READ COMMENT