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Fat Transfer - Gambling with Your Face - California

I really liked my face.In hindsight,the minimal "refreshing" I wanted was something that at my age should have been done with fillers. Myth 1) It's non-invasive.I was shocked at my appearance after the procedure and was swollen for months.It invaded my life. Myth 2) It... READ MORE

EMATRIX - JUST SAY NO! - California

I'm so over all these mystery machines and their claims to: a) magically rejuvenate skin with no downtime, b) tighten sagging skin, c) be safe for all skin types d) blah, blah, blah, blah. I'm here to tell you that I've tried a lot of different things by qualified an... READ MORE

Surprised at Positive Results from Derma Roller 1.0. Los Angeles, CA

I've spent way too much money on lasers, peels and products - in many cases I've had things done to undo damage caused by an expensive procedure. It becomes downward spiral! When I first heard about Derma Rollers I thought, "Ouch" and "That can't really work." It sounded like a strange idea... READ MORE

Questions from Good face gone bad

How Can I Get Rid of Grid-like Patterns Imprinted on my Skin After Laser Treatments?

Had TotalFX in Feb.Very happy.Had AFT/IPL in May and walked out shockingly red.Swollen for about 8 days.When brown spots came off there were some scars.First noticed orange... READ MORE

Is It Possible for EMatrix Radiofrequency Solution to Cause Any Fat Atrophy?

Thanking you in advance for your response to this multi-part question. If eMatrix can't cause fat atrophy, why not? If it can, under what circumstances? Could it possibly... READ MORE

Surgical Removal of Forehead Veins? Other Options?

Large blue puffy veins:forehead & temple.4 Yag treatments didn't work (worse).Temples filled w/Resty.Fat Transfer not an option.Afraid of schlero. 1)Is microphlebectomy... READ MORE

Does Exercise Impact the Longevity of Botox and Other Fillers?

I'm a huge fan of Botox and fillers;however,I wonder about the exercise impact.Most say none.I spoke with someone who works for the manufacturer of the most popular... READ MORE

Can a Browlift Minimize the Appearance of Forehead Veins?

I have thin skin, little fat, and large puffy blue veins on my forehead not attractive to say the least. Would a browlift improve the appearance of these veins? When I pull the... READ MORE

What Are the Individual Variables That Can Determine How Long Botox and Other Fillers Last?

Though companies give guidelines as to the longevity of Botox and other fillers, there seems to be some variables that determine how long it actually lasts for each person.... READ MORE

Is It Possible for EMatrix to Cause Fat Loss?

I often read that negative results of a procedure are due to the lack of skill on the part of the provider. Is it possible that the eMatrix settings could even be set to reach... READ MORE

What Actually Happens when Collagen Remodels or Reorganizes?

I read this a lot and wonder if this could ever be a bad thing. Could it reorganize unfavoribly and create a scar following a "laser" procedure designed to stimulate... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Do a Fat Transfer to the Forehead?

If it is possible to add fat to the forehead, which technique would you recommend and what are the possible complications? Thank you. READ MORE

Can Fraxel Restore Treatment Impact/melt Belotero Filler?

I've consistently heard that Lasers don't reach the areas where fillers are typically injected; however, it's my understanding that Belotero is injected more superficially.... READ MORE

What Layer of Skin Does EMatrix Target?

A recent answer on RS said eMatrix disperses energy under the skin & is not absorbed by melanocytes. I'm confused about what UNDER THE SKIN means. eMatrix minimally targets... READ MORE

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I have not found an answer to malasma/hyper pigmentation. It's tough. I use 5PF50 faithfully and do skin brightening peels every 6 weeks. As I've aged it's been harder and harder to manage. The dermaroller has had little to no impact... READ COMMENT

I think I bought the derma roller off of Amazon. I don't remember the brand. I derma roll once or twice a week. I started only with the area that was impacted and then I started using it on both cheeks and jawline. I believe it's... READ COMMENT

Sats - What an upsetting story. 8 years is a long time. So sorry you haven't gotten any relief. That unrelenting anxiety is brutal and can be so impacting on all aspects of your life. Interesting that your doctor said that the damage... READ COMMENT

Is the hair related to illness or stress? I have a lot of hair and went through periods where I would lose it due to stress throughout all this. In fact, I was dealing with a lot if health issues for a couple years that turned out to... READ COMMENT

Hello CiCiinLA, Thank you for letting us know! I always support whatever choice people make about this very individual decision. . .but I think many of us hope that we can at least get beautiful people like yourself to know of the... READ COMMENT