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Is This a Good Plan To Prepare For Fat Transfer To Butt and Breasts In The Future? (photo)

Hi Drs My wife wants BBL & breast aug w/ fat from her FLANKS, INNER, and OUTER thighs. She is 5'4'' & 145 lbs & w/ thinner waist & upper body, but... READ MORE

Will 500 Ccs Per Butt Cheek Be Enough for my Wife's Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery? (photo)

Hello, My wife had an in-person consult with a doctor. My wife is 145 lbs, at 5'4'', & already has a waist-hip ratio of .65 She wants a BBL. We thought 700 ccs per cheek... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift & Brava + AFT Breast Augmentation : How to Do Both over Time?

Hello Drs. My wife reached a decision. She is currently 150 lbs, and at 5 ft 6 inches. I thought she was 5 ft 4 inches, but I was incorrect. She wants injected 875 cc per cheek... READ MORE

What Can Be Done for Atrophic Facial Scar? (photo)

My wife has a small atrophic facial scar since she was a baby. It's from a dog bight. It's little more than 1 cm long, about 2 mm wide, & depressed. It's above her upper... READ MORE