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Questions from Melbs

Nipple Caved in After Explant. Due to Capsule Removal?

I had my textured anatomical silicone implants (230cc, over the muscle) removed 5 months ago. I'd had the implants 11 years, over the muscle, and am now 30 years old. My... READ MORE

Can Wearing a Brava Help After Removing Breast Implants?

I had my implants removed 5 months ago and have ended up with sagging and caving in of my right breast. Could using Brava provide me with any improvement or increase in size? READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment for Pigmented Surgical Scars?

I had surgery to my breasts about 6 months ago, and the scars I've been left with are dark pinky/red, and raised or indented in places. What's the best treatment for... READ MORE

Body Jet versus Tumescent Liposuction, Which is most effective?

I am planning on having lipo & fat grafting to my breasts, and am quite thin. I'm considering a few different surgeons, and they are divided on the best lipo technique to... READ MORE

What Can I Do After Fat Grafting to Breasts to Ensure Successful Outcome?

I had fat grafting to my breasts 2 weeks ago. Is there anything I can do to give the fat a better chance of "taking" so that I don't lose too much size? E.g. massage? READ MORE

10 days post op - will my breasts start to look more natural?

I had round, smooth 260cc silicone implants under the muscle. I'm 10 days post op, and disappointed. I asked for natural looking breasts. Can I expect my results to change much... READ MORE

Is this reaction to surgical tape around incision normal? (Photo)

I'm 18 days post BA surgery. My incisions have been about itchy, & when I took the surgical paper tape off this morning, I saw that one side is very red, including part of the... READ MORE

Help! Am I bottoming out?

I am 8 weeks post op, with 260cc round saline implants under the muscle. I've noticed that on my ride side, I can "feel" the implant more. And the scar is sitting about 1cm up... READ MORE

Why do my 260cc Implants look so unnatural? What can be done to fix them? (photos)

I had Nagor 260cc medium profile implants under the muscle 3 months ago. IMO my implants are too big for my small frame, VERY round, and have the unnatural "stuck on" look.... READ MORE

Can implant drop any further after 8 months or do I have capsular contraction? (photo)

I am now 8 months post surgery (260cc round silicone submuscular), and my right implant is sitting MUCH higher than the left. I'm not sure if my left implant has dropped too... READ MORE

Discussions started by Melbs

Has Anyone Used Dr Karl Heinrich in Vienna for a Stem Cell Breast Augmentation?

I've struggled to find any reviews from past patients of his. I just want to know what his liposuction results are like, and whether people are happy with their breasts after... READ MORE

Does anyone have experience with Dr Klaus Ueberreiter (Germany) for fat transfer to breasts?

Apparently he founded the Beauli method of fat transfer.  His prices seem reasonable, and after hearing negative comments on the other doctor I was considering I am now... READ MORE