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VI Peel, Great Outcome - Florida

Bought the VI Peel thru living social. Was nervous about getting a peel as my skin is very fragil and usually reacts badly to any harsh treatments. Day 1, very little burning when applied. slightly pink but fine, went about my day as normal. Kept peel on till bedtime appx 12 hrs... READ MORE

53 Years Old, Sagging Jowls, Chin Implant, Neck Lift - Boca Raton, FL

Beginning my journey. So very exciting. Looking forward to a nice tight neck and lower face. My chin has always been a troublesome area. As I've aged unfortunately my chin, neck and jowls have started sagging. I'm very optimistic that afterwards my face will be so much more uniform. I feel that... READ MORE

Silikon for Chin and Lips - Delray Beach, FL

Was tired of spending money on fillers that didn't last. Decided to try silikon. Had 4 treatments to chin area over two years. Also tried 1 syringe in lips. My lower face has fallen to the point that I'm going for a chin implant, lower lift and neck lift. Would like to know if anyone has had... READ MORE

Questions from anon7226

Had Silikon in chin and lips - Will I be able to have Fat Transfer on top?

Having a lower facelift, chin implant and fat transfer. Have several injections of Silikon in the past to try to fill chin area. Also one injection to my lips. Honestly don't... READ MORE

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I think we have good doctors. :-) READ COMMENT

I think you look amazing. Per my doc, some small wrinkles actually look normal and he thinks it helps to make a face have character, softness and reality. I'm with you though... Always looking for perfect!!! Your neck and jawline are... READ COMMENT

Absolutely gorgeous! READ COMMENT

Thank you newmeaug, I am thrilled with the difference. I asked my doc about the small wrinkles around my smile lines. He smiled at me and said "you don't want to look plastic"! Is funny, but after he said that I know he is right. He did... READ COMMENT

Thank you beautiful Joanne! Is a relief to have them out for sure. I ask doc about returning to gym, he said he'd prefer min 2/3 more weeks. Said the gyms are so filled with germs and bacteria it's safer to work out home. READ COMMENT