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Lazer is a last minute option when nothing else can be done. IT does leave some scaring. ON some you might not see it on the surface but under the skin or later. If you NOT look for a bargin and the cheapest price then this... READ COMMENT

Sorry this has happened to you. YOU might have herpes of the eyes. It is a condition that was there before you got this done. The eye liner could have caused the trama to the eye. I have been doing this for 28 years and have... READ COMMENT

I dont like to be critical. THIS is Her LOOK not my style, but she is paying and she is HAPPY. We all dont like Pink or Yellow Dresses or Blonde hair. As a artist, I try to show them a better eyebrow, BUT in the end IF they want... READ COMMENT

YES, YES, YES, GIRLS THIS FADES. IT is a procedure... it takes about a week to heal and fade. You dont get a face lift and look great the next day. You dont do your hair color and love it that day. It does Fade and become more... READ COMMENT

Yes, there are ways to lighten and fade out the wings. I never ever recommend to do the wings. Do them in the evening with a pencil. AS you age the wings are now DOVES... GOING DOWN. P.S. NOT everyone that is a member or the... READ COMMENT