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Can Jaw Implants Be Removed?

Can jaw implants be removed (say, like a chin implant could) if after surgery one was dissatisfied with the results? I thought any implant was removeable but according to a... READ MORE

Chin Implant: Under the Chin or Through the Mouth?

I've wanted to get a chin implant for quite some time. I want to know, is it definately "safer" to have the chin implant inserted under the chin than through the... READ MORE

What Aftercare Will I be Provided With After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

There is a particular date I have in mind for this surgery. Unfortunately, due to where I am having it (out of town) and the day, etc. I am having problems with finding someone... READ MORE

Supratip Break?

Is it possible to have a straight profile with a slight supratip break? Or is "supratip break" another way of asking for slope? I thought about doing just a straight... READ MORE

Is This Much Swelling Normal when Cartilidge is Added?

I had a rhino performed exactly 4 weeks tomorrow. Prior to my surgery, I had a small "dent" on one side of the the tip. My surgeon added what he said was, a... READ MORE

1 Month Post Osteotomy: Is This Swelling Normal?

Is there usually more swelling when bones are rasped then broken to narrow an area? I had an upper hump removed then the bones were broken to narrow that area (upper portion of... READ MORE

Is ONLY Lowering the Upper Bridge a Relativley Simple Revision Aspect or Should I Seek a Revision Specialist?

My overall nose doesn't have hump (like before) just this pronounced bump/hump right where the nose was broken. The very top of my bridge (where it leaves my face) still sits... READ MORE

American Board of Otolaryngology for Revision Rhino?

I am currently looking for a revision specialist. Someone that is apparently a highly regarded rhinoplasty specialist (and revision) is board certified: American Board of... READ MORE

Chin Implant? Chin Bone or Jaw Bone Advancement?

I was under the impression that the only options to correct a weak chin were chin implants or jaw bone surgery, however, after doing research there appears to also be chin bone... READ MORE