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My nose was not very feminine - Very Happy - Dallas, TX

I had a septoplasty around 5 years ago that didnt do very much. At the time, the Doctor asked if I wanted the hump taken out of my nose at the same time. Thankfully my husband said no way because this was something you want a facial plastic surgeon to do. So -5 years later my nose was not... READ MORE

Took off 10 Years - Tulsa, OK

I had juvederm put around my mouth, frown lines, chin, and a little under my eyes. The chin was a little painful.Ive been doing it for around 5 years and have never had a bad reaction - just bruised once under one eye and under my bottom lip (frown line?) We did the thicker version everywhere... READ MORE

I Am Glad I Started at 33 - Tulsa, OK

It really does matter who you go to!! It is usually not any more to go to a plastic surgeon. I also feel like I get more bang for my buck when I use a PS. I get it around my eyes and to give my forehead a slight lift. I am almost 38 now and even after it has worn off, the wrinkles are barely... READ MORE

ByeByeBoobies! - Austin, TX

Ok, I fell like I could just copy and paste my experience with so many other women on here. I got saline implants 8 years ago under the muscle. I really do not know the volume, but I barely fit into a DD bra. When I got the implants, I did not have the information available today. I also did not... READ MORE

Eyelid Surgery in Austin, TX

My eyelids were getting more hooded by the year. It really bothered me, especially in pictures. I decided to take care of it before I turned 40 because I wanted my eyes to "match" the rest of my face. The surgery was simple and I believe it has made a huge difference. There was no pain, I never... READ MORE