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Large Lump After Mohs - SmartXDot Not Helping So Far

Previous post 'lump on forehead'offered solutions but answers can't (give me)Dr. Four appts. w/ Board Certified Plastic Surgeons took consult $$, said don't do scar reconstruction! I was clear about lump/scar on phone. Found 1 that said would cut full across. NOT! A new... READ MORE

Questions from L.S.

What Should I Do if I Have a Large Lump After Mohs Surgery?

I had Mohs done on small basal @ center forhead. I was left w/ a concave wide white scar, deep brow furrows, and a 10mm lump where final sutures were done 2yrs ago. One steroid... READ MORE

Why Aren't Lasers Suggested for Lump/scar After Mohs Surgery?

My closure-LUMP is now a bump? I have ugly closure. Tried SmartXide & has shrunk/flattened by 1/2 along w/ scar. Will do more treatments in 8 mo. Still not sure why derms... READ MORE

What Does Building/stimulating Collagen Really Mean for my Face?

LED's/ALA/Lasers/Creams/Retin A/etc. Do these grow/plump/ lift/tighten? Skin changes by sun/age/damage/usage. Heard a skin PHD say that only a facelift will lift. Besides... READ MORE

Rejuvawand and Other Home Devices for Skin Tightening

My friend used Rejuvawand daily. It firmed forehead/cheek/ jowel area slightly over 60 days. It did leave a dent in cheek? Does red/infrared light home units help to tighten... READ MORE