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Orbital Fat Grafting to Upper Eyelid

The pros are that it may add volume to the upper eyelid. The cons are that it will change your eyelid and you may suffer from lid lag, dry eye syndrome and retraction. I received volume but ended up with all the cons above. So, in my estimation, it was not worth all the problems that are... READ MORE

Don't take the risk

There are no pros to upper eyelid surgery. I was left with a lot of hollowness, scarring in the inner corner of my eyelid and shortage of skin. The cons are that it is a risky procedure, if you don't go to the right doctor, you will be out of luck. Not much can be done for too much fat and... READ MORE

Questions from nightmare

Fat Graft Removal on Upper Eyelids

How is fat graft on upper eyelid removed? I have ptosis in the inner corner of my eyelid as well. READ MORE

Fat Vs Skin Grafting for Hollow Eyes After Blepharoplasty?

Hello, I have upper eyelid hollowness from an upper blepharoplasty in 2006. I also have scarring in the left upper inner corner and some shortage of skin in this areas. One... READ MORE

Procedure for Skin Shortage in Corner of Left Upper Eyelid?

I have skin shortage, hollowness, and scarring in my left upper eyelid from upper eyelid surgery performed in 2006. What would be best for me to do? READ MORE

Want Upper Left Eyelid to Close and Look Same Size As Other Eye Opening? (photo)

My doctor told me the only way for my eyelid to close (it closed about 70%); the ps lowered it and now have eyelid droop and when my eyes are open, I have a very small eye... READ MORE

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Okay, Mika58, after you have healed, please let me know. I also need help and need a very good doctor. If you think he did a good job with you, it would be nice to know if maybe he could help me. READ COMMENT

Hello Mika58: I also need help with my left upper eyelid. My upper eyelid did not close all the way after surgery. The eyelid was lowered and now have a very small eye opening. It looks similar to having a lazy eye. My eyelid closes... READ COMMENT

Hello Mia58 Please let us know how your surgery with Dr. Prasad. I also need help because my upper eyelid is so bad that doctors have told me there is no way to help. My left upper eyelid is stiff with very little skin. The only way... READ COMMENT

Thank you for verifying that Dr. Nesmith botched the upper eyelid surgery. He never did admit it, I asked for money back to use to get help from an oculoplastic surgeon but I did not get it. READ COMMENT

I cannot e-mail you because some of the letters in your e-mail address look like they have been removed. READ COMMENT