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BBL 6 Days Ago And Fell On Right Butt Cheek; Did I Kill the Fat Cells?

I had a bbl 6 days ago and last night I fell and landed on my right butt cheek, did I kill the fat cells? READ MORE

12 days Post BBL. Looks Like a Little Bubble on Bottom of Left Butt Cheek, What is it?

I had a bbl 12 days ago and it looks like a little bubble on the bottom of my left butt cheek what is it and will it go away? READ MORE

My teeth do not line up correctly and my jaw & chin are crooked. Can this be fixed? (photos)

I always have head aches my left jaw has pain my teeth don't line up correctly my jaw and chin are crooked is there a procedure I can get done to fix these problems? I have 10... READ MORE

My teeth line up and my jaw/chin is crooked. What kind of procedures can give me a straight smile? (Photo)

My upper and lower teeth do not line up and meet properly. Also my jaw and chin are slanted you can really tell when I smile I look ridiculous. My jaws often hurt and I always... READ MORE

Can I get these 2 scars removed after Butt Augmentation? (photo)

I had butt augmentation and now I have a scar on each butt cheek? Are these type of scars remove able? Thank you!!! READ MORE

Will I lose my Brazilian butt Lift result after I have my baby?

I had a brizalin butt lift 2 1/2 years ago i am now pregnat will i lose my butt after i gave my baby? I'm very concerned considering how much i spent for my bbl READ MORE