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I can't emphasize this enough. Never have another procedure from any doctor who gave you a bad result. In fact, never have a procedure from anyone you are not very confident about. The people who always have good results have... READ COMMENT

I have had many problems in life, serious ones. I have had very little money in my life until the last 20 years and felt I had a relatively normal life only because I lived with other people almost all that time and I paid no rent and... READ COMMENT

I'd like to know which patients are suing and what ensues from it. I don't remember any exposes about drug companies but someone should do one. I think one easy thing to do is to let our doctors know, every doctor we mention our... READ COMMENT

Darkeye..., Was glad to see the Halloween pic and reading about the party. Due to the fact that you will be playing up the zombie Lurch look for everyone there to see, you were able to put yourself beyond making the best of a bad... READ COMMENT

If the doctor saw you in the lighting where your problem shows up, he would not have said he's sorry you're not happy. He would have said that he sees what you're unhappy with. It should be irrelevant though because any doctor like... READ COMMENT