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I don't yet know of anyone who had a serious problem with a 5 star doctor on but even that is just one piece of the practitioner-screening pie. If any procedure goes wrong with a doctor who is at least adequate, it's... READ COMMENT

Eyelid surgery so far is never small unless you getting something equal to a tweak or removing early eye bags when they are just beginning. Removing entire eye bags is never small, just smaller than the vast majority of other surgeries... READ COMMENT

Judybloom, make sure the doctor places filler at the proper depth. This has been the single biggest error made with injecting filler in the lower periorbital area. Of course, screen the doctor properly. If necessary, wait for the... READ COMMENT

It's me again. I do see a hollowing near your nose. And cosmetic results aside, you have the pain. He's not a 5star doctor on and there is a reason. At this point usually a neurologist is recommended as well as an... READ COMMENT

Cfuzion, A reputable doctor will warn the patient at the consult if a bad result is expected and probably would turn down that patient. READ COMMENT