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KP...I assume you mean me. Hard to tell with the format here. Heheh! Can't complain though..:) After the restylane was dissolved it looked exactly like before I had any filler there. It brought me back to where I originally was. It... READ COMMENT

I don't know if a doctor will inject 1 unit of Vitrase, but this may be just for vitrase. Other forms of hyaluronidase may use a completely different scale. I had 43 units in my first injection of Vitrase which was not enough to... READ COMMENT

But in some cases, a patient may have to travel over 100 miles to find a good doctor. Depends on how easy, common and new the procedure is. Never be the first one on your block to have a specific procedure. Best to "suffer" a while... READ COMMENT

Recommended to consult with at least 3 doctors before deciding. Make sure you are not rushed by the office or doctor and ask many questions. Included should be how many times the doctor has done that specific procedure on that area of... READ COMMENT

I think I had about 40 units Vtrase per injection. Really, each injection made only 50% improvement, (maybe closer to 75% for the first injection) and so it seemed like a small amount for each of my two injections. Maybe different... READ COMMENT