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Dr Wulc wouldnt be involved in bs with fake reviews btw. I feel to my core that he's too aboove-board for anything like that and he would not be happy to find anyone's trying to use him for anything not legit. I've known of him since... READ COMMENT

Also, there were two youtube videos of patients of Dr. Wulc that I had found. Don't know if they're still available -- one was a woman named Marlene, the other a chiropractor named Karen. Karen showed close ups of her progress from... READ COMMENT

LOL! My cosmetic procedure b and a pics are never anywhere on the Internet. I wish they were because I'm a self-proclaimed advocate. :::shaking head::::. Everything seems backwards when it comes to whose pics end up on a site. Yes... READ COMMENT

Care needs to be used in the upper cheek too. The disadvantage with cheek procedures over the lower eyelid is that it's harder to hide the cheeks with glasses if you have a bad result with a procedure. Sunglasses easily hide my lower... READ COMMENT

Had dysport by Dr. Wulc for forehead lines and eyebrow lift. He also did restylane on lower face and his nurse Debbie did same about a year later so I'd have a nice DL photo. Dr. Wulc recently removed filler under my eyes done... READ COMMENT