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I understand wydase was taken off the market. Maybe the steroid in it is why. Thanks for that point to avoid any with steroids. I knew nothing about that. READ COMMENT

It's been 5 years for me waiting for restylane to dissolve under my eyes (was done to try to hide eyebags). This stuff's not going anywhere on it's own. Plan to have Vitrase this spring to start getting rid of this crap. I want it a... READ COMMENT

Vitrase has been (I think it still is) used in ophthalmology, to extend the duration of some type of medication. There is a good bit of info on the internet if you look up both Vitrase and hyaluronidase. READ COMMENT

....AND, if it's possible to win a case for a bad cosmetic result, surely it should be even easier to win for something unsafe, something harmful to your health or just causing symptoms. READ COMMENT

Sorry to hear about your bad result with the vitrase. What does your doctor have to say about this? Can it resolve on its own? When you say find one to fight for you, I assume you mean a lawyer. I am glad to finally see something in... READ COMMENT