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I don't really know how much the stretching can be eliminated if that device must be used to hold the eye open. Good luck! READ COMMENT

My mom had an upper bleph and later cataract surgery in both eyes. However the upper bleph was done in the early 1980's. The cataract surgery can stretch the inner corner of the eye a little in anyone. My mom now gets larger granules... READ COMMENT

Can an undereye lift be done with the puffiness there?????? So many bad results with both fillers and dissolvers under the eyes! I luckily had my restylane successfully dissolved and am now back where I started. READ COMMENT

Ktorn, when I see Dr. Wulc I will tell him we talked online. I want him to know I have actually communicated with someone who had a larger procedure from him. I am replying here so people know there are two people on this thread who... READ COMMENT

The type laser is important but even so the practitioner is almost EVERYTHING. If the practitioner is bad it does not matter how good the tools are, how good your own pre-op and post-op care is and doesn't matter how well you heal. ... READ COMMENT