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I wish I had time to read all the comments but I want to say you look wonderful. I like the idea of oral valium instead of IV sedation. I hope to have oral valium when I have my lower bleph. Enjoy! READ COMMENT

Aladams, I'm not surprised your plastic surgeon helped you for 3 years but failed with this voluma. Many doctors do not even know how to properly do all the procedures they perform. This is why doctors should be chosen according to... READ COMMENT

Sounds like it's a combination of the person's individual chemistry/biology and the chemistry of the product. If it was just the product it would probably happen to most people, if it was everyone's biology, also that would cause it to... READ COMMENT

It's good you had the surgery first. If I get a lower bleph, I think the doctor does a fat transfer to my festoons, eiher at the same time or after the bleph. There can't be any HA fillers in the area when that area is operated on. ... READ COMMENT

I hope you continue to update us until you have a reasonably perfect result, but I am very happy for you even now. :) READ COMMENT