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Wish i had.... and all, i hope all of you never give up hope. We all need 5 star healthgrades doctors and that is only the beginning of a good screening for an adequate doctor. I realize even then there are risks. Go only to... READ COMMENT

With fillers, I think cyst-like lumps, nodules and fluid pockets, as nadia... described are more common under the eyes. It seems like special training is needed for the peri orbital area with injectables. It seems like that line... READ COMMENT

Darkeyes...if you mean me, I recovered virtually 100%. If the line looks like a waterbag or blister effect, that's what I'm talking about. This is from the superficial injection of the filler. For a reason I have no explanation for... READ COMMENT sounds like you're doing all anyone can do and from what I read it's helping --gradually. Often when we've been disfigured it takes a lot of work, time, practitioners and money. And by a lot, this can cover up to many... READ COMMENT

Ktorn, Great rare advice to wait a matter of years before having something done with the risks of procedures. Follow the doctor's reviews all the while. The doctor should have reviews that cover at least a few years. Dr. Wulc surely... READ COMMENT