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Facial Exercise to Reduce Sagging - Studies?

I'm confused. Many people swear that facial exercises have made a difference for them & I would think that resistence training would tighten the facial muscles &... READ MORE

TCA Peel - Nothing Happened?

I had a 20% TCA peel done yesterday at a Cosmotologist. She applied a lot of layers since I could hardly feel it. Eventually it did burn, but it wasn't painful. Today,... READ MORE

Botox for Crow's Feet: Avoiding a Frozen Look

My dilemma: I like wrinkles around the eyes. They show warmth and happiness. The problem is that now I have LOTs of wrinkles that are way too long and deep for my age (30). I... READ MORE

Muscle Laxity - Anything to Do with Aging?

I asked a question about facial exercise a while ago and appreciated the answers, but didn't find a means to respond to one point I'm still curious about. Does muscle... READ MORE

TCA Burns: Will It Scar?

I had an 18% TCA peel done a week ago for acne scarring. It was done by a trained nurse/beautician who has her own clinic & it cost me 300e. She slopped the acid on my face... READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned of Ulthera for Cheek Sagging Causing Fat Loss?

I'm considering ulthera for cheek sagging, but am worried about its effect on fat. I read somewhere that it can cause fat loss. Wouldn't that ultimately be a negative... READ MORE

Mole Removal = Hypertrophic Scarring?

I had a couple of large moles removed (cut and stitched) last year from my arm/shoulder and back. Both formed hard, slightly raised shiny scar tissue, about 5mm wide and the... READ MORE