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Facial Implants and Military Work

I have many facial implants including SI chin, nose, porex ORI and malars. had these operations about 2 years ago and now i am at a different stage in my life n would like to... READ MORE

Silicone Cheek Implant w/ Sutures, No Screws

Does this produce a unnatural result because the implant is technically not apart of the bone, but rather just "sewed" into the soft tissue? Also, wouldn't this... READ MORE

Cheek Swelling 6 Months After Silicone Tear Troughs and Terino Malar Shells?

I had size L and XL silicone tear troughs and terino malar shells and one of my sides still looks more swollen than the other. I feel like they still look too big and bulbous,... READ MORE

Do Implants Have to Be Replaced Eventually No Matter What?

I have heard that implants have to be replaced no matter where it's at(chin, cheeks, jaw, breasts) because of biofilm. Whether or not something goes wrong, all implants... READ MORE

Will Restylene or Juvederm on my Nose Bridge Make a Rhinoplasty More Complicated?

I have had an open rhino for all parts of the nose. I plan on having another one in the future for all parts again. I am extremely concerned about judgement from my... READ MORE

Already Had Four Eyebrow Transplants with Decent Results, Can I Get Another One?

I strarted off with really thin and sparse brows and I have had four eyebrow transplants already and they have all improved me each gradually. a lot of them kept falling out... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Donate Plasma After Surgery Such As Cheek Implant or Anything Non Implant Related?

The plasma center said that it's okay but i'm worried that it may increase the chances of infection or weaken the immune system or do anything detrimental to alter any ideal... READ MORE

What x ray will reveal silicone implants and screws?

I have cheek silicone implants and screws and i want to take an x ray so that i can see where they were placed exatly on my face and the assymetry associated with them and how... READ MORE

Will insurance cover PDT acne therapy for me?

I have been on accutane, and now my acne is cming back. i want to try PDT for my acne before trying accutane again. will insurance cover it? READ MORE

Will an asian upper bleph LOWER the eyebrows? (Photo)

I'm looking at pictures of asian blephs and it seems that their eyebrows are always lower in the afters...will this always be a factor and an effect after surgery in addition... READ MORE

Can an osteotomy be done under closed rhino? I already have a rib graft and I don't want it touched.

I have a rib graft in my bridge, dorsum but i never had an osteotomy done so that area is still a little wide-ish looking despite the graft. i LOVE my tip and am happy with it.... READ MORE

How soon after a beard and eyebrow transplant can you get facial plastic surgery?

After getting a strip eyebrow and beard transplant on the face, how long must wait before getting operations like a chin implant, lip reduction, upper bleph, jaw implants,... READ MORE

Will double eyelid surgery lower my eyebrows? Is double eyelid surgery for me? (Photo)

As you can see in the photo, i already have double eyelids. i want to make my crease only a tiny bit bigger but more importantly i DO want lower eyebrows first and foremost.... READ MORE

I have Veneers, can I still get a palatal expander to widen my arch?

I didnt do my research younger when i got veneers and only recently did i realize that i have a narrow arch that needs to be widened. however, i DO like my veneers right now... READ MORE

My cheek implant is too small on one side, can I just add another implant?

I already have cheek implants. the let side looks good but the right side is too small and i need more extension towards the temple, higher to the eye area. instead of just... READ MORE

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How much did dr pichet chage you for the implants? cant wait to see your results! READ COMMENT