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It All Depends Upon Who Does the Treatment - Los Angeles, CA

After much research and consideration, I had Sculptra injected yesterday.  So far the results are excellent.  I had anethetic cream applied to my face before the injections.  I really didn't feel pain.  It was more a matter of the eerie feeling of having needles stuck... READ MORE

Questions from HKKitty

White Under Eye Rings from CO2 Erbium Laser?

Ten years ago, I was treated with a CO2 Erbium Laser on the upper half of my face (from forehead to under the eyes). I now have white "rings" under my eye area. It... READ MORE

When is It Appropriate to Use Scupltra Vs. Other Fillers?

Would be very useful to get some direction as to when its appropriate to use Sculptra versus other "fillers", and in which areas of the face. Thank you! READ MORE

Feedback on Sculptra Lumps or Granules

I would appreciate some feedback about the reports of "granules" forming in patients treated with Sculptra. On this site, there have been posts of people developing granules... READ MORE

Fat Harvesting Process for "Live" Fat Injections

How is the "live fat" harvested from the patient? How big of a surgical procedure is the fat harvesting and injecting? Is it done with local anthesthetics (sp) or... READ MORE

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Which doctor did you go to? I agree with the strategy of doing things in small steps. READ COMMENT

How far is Dr. John's office from the airport in OKC? Can you get their by taxi? Worth a trip to find a good derm. That's been my experience. It's been well worth it to travel to find expertise. READ COMMENT

The results from Sculptra are subtle but it is very effective. I find that it is much more natural than Restylne or Juvederm, and it lasts longer. I had Sculptra in 2009 (2-3 treatments - can't remember) and I went back from two more... READ COMMENT

Thank you for your response. I have been looking for a successful way to remove the brown spots on my arms and legs. I would like something that is an non-invasive as possible, yet achieves reasonably good results. I'd not heard of... READ COMMENT

Does this treatment work on arms and legs? I have spots there that I'd like to remove. READ COMMENT