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Honey, Truly incredible, there are no words, less is definitely more:) I have 2 questions if you'd be so kind to answer _what is a typical day of eating for you _ & do you have children? Thanks& you look absolutely Stunning:) READ COMMENT

Your welcome, Nobody wants to be told to work out! But I just looked at ur pics again & IMO you body composition has changed to accommodate your butt forcing your tummy out ( our bodies naturally do that to use the stronger muscles to... READ COMMENT

Hey hun, if you've never had kids, good old fashion sit-ups will do the trick, what it looks like to me is muscle laxity... Which is why your stomach protrudes. There may not even be enough fat to lipo, it just looks like a posture... READ COMMENT

I think you look really good for 7 kids!!! Ur surgery & a bit of toning up & you'll be crazyyy:) P.S I don't see any stretch marks or cottage cheese! READ COMMENT

Hey I'm also small5'3 & I weighed 130 on surgery day, normally 118-124ish & like you didn't want a huge difference.... I absolutely refused to gain weight beyond that & it was fine my Dr took out 2600cc & put 280cc in each cheek & it... READ COMMENT