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Lip Lift in Houston :) - Sugar Land, TX

I've researched lip lifts for the past 3 years and consulted with doctors in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Boston, and Houston. Each surgeon I talked to felt confident they could do it, but several of the surgeons would modify the underlying muscle in some way, or suggest fillers (Juvederm, etc)... READ MORE

Questions from Barnaby

Cheek Implant Removal - I had the Implantech Large Trapezoid cheek implants put in approx 11 yrs (I was 24yrs old).

I am interested in having them removed without replacement for personal reasons but am worried after so much time that I will have significant mid-face sagging. Do you think... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for the Lip Lift Procedure? (photo)

Hi, I am very interested in the lip lift procedure. As you can see from the attached pics, I have very little upper tooth show. I've been getting regular Juvederm... READ MORE

After Internal Bra Procedure, is It Possible to Remove the Permanent Sutures with Explant?

I had a revision breast aug w/ internal bra a year ago & have decided to explant. Is it possible to remove the internal bra sutures (attached to the rib cage) at the time... READ MORE

Recurrent Bottoming-Out with Capsulloraphy, Dr. Has Suggested Strattice. Am I Just Not a 'Candidate' for Breast Augmentation?

First BA (infra incision) in 2007 w/ conservative silicone (250cc), bottomed out within 3 months on my right side. Explanted, and tried again (2011) w/ a revision specialist, &... READ MORE

Bottomed out Even After Internal Sutures.. Am I Just Not a Candidate for a BA? (photo)

First BA (infra incision) in 2007 w/ submuscular silicone (250cc), bottomed out within 3 months on my right side. Explanted, and tried again (2011) w/ a revision specialist,... READ MORE

Subnasal Lip Lift - Long Term Results and Consequences?

I'm interested in the subnasal lip lift procedure & have been told by 4 different PS's that I am a good candidate; however I've talked to other PS's who stay away from this... READ MORE

Would Switching to Overs Correct Recurrent Bottoming-out?

I've had 2 BA's so far and both times have bottomed out with conservatively sized (250cc) implants under the muscle. I also had internal sutures the 2nd time, and I still... READ MORE

Any Solutions for Muscle Distortion and Scars Post Explantantion (8 Months)?

I was explanted via crease incision approx 8 mos ago w/ no lift.The appearance of breasts in repose is acceptable; but I have noticeable muscle distortion w/ flexing. I was not... READ MORE

Bottomed out twice even after internal sutures, due to over-dissection of pocket. Would creating a new pocket help? (Photo)

First BA (infra incision) 2007 w/ submuscular silicone (250cc), bottomed out in 3 months on right side. Explanted, & tried again (2011) w/ a revision specialist, & submuscular... READ MORE

Would the BRAVA system work to correct breast muscle distortion of explanted breasts?

I had sub-muscular breast implants for 1 year & bottomed-out. I was explanted almost 2 years ago, but unfortunately I still have severe muscle distortion of my explanted... READ MORE

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There isn't a way to see the 'scar' because I don't really have one. He did a great job of hiding it in the crease under my nose. If you aren't local to Houston/SugarLand; you can always Skype or email him pictures. He can look at... READ COMMENT

I didn't look in DFW, so I'm not sure but I wish you luck with whomever you choose :) READ COMMENT

Thank you! :) READ COMMENT

Thank you!! :) READ COMMENT

Thank you! He's very conservative, so he'd prefer to go back a 2nd time rather than take too much the 1st time and risk you walking out looking like Bugs Bunny. ;) You make a very good point about the pain though: The recovery the 2nd... READ COMMENT