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200 Pounds Lost - Male Tummy Tuck W/ Flank Lipo - Memphis, TN

Preop/Background: There I was, after a long and treacherous journey, I was finally at the top to take the deep plunge into the abyss. After narrowly surviving the steep fall, I have little choice but to go on. Suddenly, with sharp twists and turns, I hold on for my life and can only scream,... READ MORE

Questions from 200Lost

Should I Lose More Weight Before I Get a Tummy Tuck/Flank Liposuction?

I have recently lost over 200 pounds in a little over a year. I will have a tummy tuck (along with flank lip and possibly a butt lift/augmentation) in either December or May. I... READ MORE

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Point of Losing Weight Prior to TT?

What is the point of losing weight if most of the fat is located in my loose stomach? Won't the tummy tuck/lipo remove that? Thanks! READ MORE

Tummy Tuck (or Body Lift) Out of the Country

In 10 days, I will be traveling to South America for a month to both visit family and get either a TT or BL. Being in Memphis & a student, I can't really afford a BL... READ MORE

Recovery - School

I'll be in a few online classes while getting the surgery. I was wondering how likely will it be for me to do my schoolwork (like papers) while recovering? Is it doable? Thanks READ MORE

Tommorow is the big day!

Tommorow is the big day! Jan 19 6:30 AM CST I've already made one video (not sure where/if i can upload it yet) as a sort of a video diary. Starting to get nervous! READ MORE