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That is a very good tip! It doesn't have to be tons of money. They add up. :) I am sure the smile on your daughters face was just as nice for the stylist as it was for you. Hair is and should always be a passion first, career second.... READ COMMENT

It is completely not the same. A hair stylist can sometimes only make $200 in a whole day, and spends more than an hour with each person. A plumber doesn't make you feel good about yourself, listen to all of your woes and stories, and... READ COMMENT

Hair stylists, waitresses, cab drivers, are people doing a personal service for you. Plumbers, electricians, and people like that do not have to engage in any kind of conversation except what the job is. I think the difference is the... READ COMMENT

I'm only 26 and I all ready have a few greys. I love that there are this many women on this one forum with no grey. :) I am also a hair stylist also and it is not hugely uncommon for someone to be a little older and not have grey.... READ COMMENT

If your hair is brittle and thinning, please go get nioxin. Now! Its a hair restoration line that has no chemicals (like rogain and others). It promotes a healthy "hair growing enviroment". There are 3 steps that you start out with and... READ COMMENT