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Revision Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction with Dr Gruber

I started off with a crooked nose that had a severely deviated septum but normal tip cartilage. In 2009 I had surgery with a closed approach that involved trying to straighten out my nose and septum. This ended as a big fail as my septum reverted crooked and my tip and mid vault became collapsed... READ MORE

Questions from KAPM

Advice on Revision Rhinoplasty for my Still Very Crooked Nose

I had a reconstructive septorhinoplasty done in December 2009. My nose had been very crooked from about 14 years old. I was initially really happy with the results but after a... READ MORE

Extracorporeal Septoplasty - Very Risky? Does It Weaken the Nose?

I had reconstructive septorhinoplasty a year ago, the surgeon was a jack of all trades and did many different procedures. Initially my nose appeared much straighter but now it... READ MORE

Closed Rhinoplasty Incision. Does It Involve Debulking/trimming Left Lower Lateral Cartilage?

Debulking the left lower later cartilage? This is trimming the cartilage on the tip of the nose I believe. Is there any way that this can be in an operative report and actually... READ MORE

LLC Debulking with out Consent or Desire from Patient Who Specifically Said They Liked Their Nasal Tip?

After septorhinoplasty my result was devastating I complained to my surgeon. In a letter from him, one thing included was debulking left lower cartilage. I didn't want my tip... READ MORE

Visible Graft Showing Through Thin Skin? (photo)

What started as wanting to straighten my crooked nose for functional and cosmetic reasons has led me to be even more unhappy. I would trade back to my crooked nose in a... READ MORE

Allergic Reaction to Cartilage Grafts That Have Warped 2 Years Post Op? (photo)

I am in a lot of discomfort. I have cartilage grafts and they have made my situation a lot worse. I am in desperate need to get them removed. Would the option of removing them... READ MORE

Graft Removal Including Onlay and Dorsum Difficulty?

Can cartilage grafts adhere to the skin and make it impossible to lift the skin envelope. Also what are the risk to the skin and how can these be minimised. Thank you READ MORE

Revision in a Month and Just Diagnosed by GP with Infection in Nasal Passageway, Prescribed Naseptin Nasal Creme?

I have an infection more so in my left nasal passage of the mucous membrane. I have irritation and redness that I put down to poorly placed cartilage grafts pushing on my skin.... READ MORE

Is This Normal Swelling and Bruising from Ear Cartilage Harvest 5 Days Post Op?

I have extensive bruising and swelling around ear posterior ear cartilage incision site. When I an late taking pain killer it really is quite bad! This is is addition to fascia... READ MORE

Can I Wear my Plastic Brace Retainers at Night Two Weeks After Revision Rhinoplasty?

Hi. I had revision rhinoplasty(with ear cartilage for valve reconstruction and blanket fascia), septoplasty and turbinate surgery. I had my orthodontic braces off four months... READ MORE

Can a Culture/sensitivities Be Done on Drainage from an Abscess in my Nose (Revision Rhinoplasty) if I Have Been on Antibiotics?

I have had an abscess that is not responding to antibiotics. I am from the UK my surgeon is based in the USA. I have had treatment on the NHS - admitted with a frank abscess in... READ MORE

Please Help Me Identify What This Mass is in my Nose? (photo)

This mass has not responded to antibiotics that I have been on for 1 month. 1 Month ago it was popped with a needle in hospital and drained some pus. It was lanced again one... READ MORE

3 months PO revision rhino, ive been on antibiotics for 2 months for infection. Will removing the graft eradicate?

Will removing the graft eradicate inflammation and infection. I havent had continuous care as my surgeon is in US and I'm UK. Admitted to NHS hospital 2 months ago purulent... READ MORE

Acute and chronic inflammation from pseudomonas infection around septal alar rim graft. Ongoing for 3 months. Can graft heal?

Pseudomonas infection resulting in two abscesses and surgical removal of two growths in nostril . First growth was tested and it showed chronic and acute inflammation.... READ MORE

What is a septoturbinotomy, with outfracture of the turbinates? Does it involve removal of turbinates?

I had a complicated revision rhinoplasty and septoplasty 4 months ago. In my surgical notes it states that a septoturbinotomy with outfracture of turbinates was done, can you... READ MORE

Not healing after infection and 2 growth removals from nasal cavity, rev rhino 4.5 months ago. Can mucous membrane heal? (photo)

I have an alar rim and spreader graft on both sides, batten graft on painful right side. Right side burning, sharp pain, fresh blood. I can see a white area on photos and... READ MORE

Possible cartilage graft exposure after infection as unresolving pain & tenderness in mucous membrane. What can be done? (photo)

4.5 months PO rev rhino. Infection with abscess and growths removed. No more drainage or lump, just very inflamed membrane with what looks like white cartilage above.... READ MORE

Third nasal surgery and had a septal graft alar rim infection. Will this heal or does it need treatment? (photo)

I am 6 post post op third nasal surgery and had a septal graft alar rim infection that took four months to heal. Now I still have a sore nasal cavity plus plus distorted alar... READ MORE

Painful nostril and deformed alar region. 6 months PO revision rhino, is this exposed cartilage? (Photo)

Internal and external pain still even though no more drainage from bad infection that lasted 4 months around septal alar rim graft. red lump, inflammation still on skin outside... READ MORE

Can vicryl and PDS sutures still be in my nose after 6 months?

I thought my stitches were dissolvable but have read up on the absorption time on vicryl and pds and I am surprised as they do not fully dissolve for a long time. Once they... READ MORE

Red blotchy skin with lots little spots. Can it be connected to bad revision rhino infection? (Photo)

I had very clear skin on my face since revision rhino 8 months ago I have had bad skin. I was on 3 different antibiotics for awful graft infection for 4 months which is still... READ MORE

Acne, rosacea or yeast? (photos)

I was on 2 different broad spectrum antibiotics for many months due to revision rhino infection and yeast infection in nose. may still have a low grade infection My skin which... READ MORE

Would you recommend Accutane? (photo)

My skin has got progressively worse. Tetracycline meds have not worked. Tried lymecycline, doxycycline and clarithyimicine. My face is covered in bumps sometimes white grains... READ MORE

Are low blood platelets a contraindication to having laser to telangiectasia on the nose? (Photo)

HI, after revision rhinoplasty after which I suffered a bad infection which took months to subside. I developed acne rosacea over my entire face and also telangiectasia on my... READ MORE

I have a raised scar with redness after Revision Rhinopasty infection. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi, I had a bad infection in the area around an alar rim graft that required two excisions of a growth in my nostril 17 months ago. My nostril is full of scar tissue. What... READ MORE

3 rhinoplasty/septoplasty surgeries. Line under nose when I raise my lip when smiling/laughing still 19 months post op (photo)

After three surgeries on my nose I have three attempts (different surgeons) to centralise a severely twisted, dislocated septum. The last surgery I had a dissolvable stitch in... READ MORE

Recent comments from KAPM

Love, love, love your nose. You still look like you, it's very natural and even and your surgeon has done a good job. Congratulations. READ COMMENT

It's no substitute for a face to face consultation. I know they are expensive but it is worth it. You won't get much feedback on photos they will recommend in person consults. READ COMMENT

Hi. I am in a similar position to you. Three surgeries for a crooked nose and septum and wish I had left it alone. I have skin damage from an infection, redness and visible veins. At least with my original nose I didn't have to worry... READ COMMENT

What a job well done. Having good aftercare makes all the difference. You would never know you had your nostril reconstructed as it's healed beautifully. READ COMMENT

Your surgeon has done a fab job, he has managed to give you a very nice natural looking nose. Congratulations. READ COMMENT