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After One Week, Zero Results

I always had firm jowls and a slight double chin that I felt made my neck look shorter. I decided to have the jowls and under chin lipo-sculpted, and had the surgery 8 days ago. Immediately after the surgery (smart lipo) I did not have any bruising and very minimal swelling. Which is great, but... READ MORE

Breast Lift to Correct Not-so Sagging Breasts - Stafford, TX

As you will see from my photos, I had slight sagging of my breasts, and I felt they were a tad too big. So I've been researching breast reduction/lift but was terrified of the vertical scar. I learned of Dr. Horndeski's technique that achieves a lift without scars and thought it was perfect for... READ MORE

Questions from 6729

Revision Buccal Pad Removal, Is This A Normal Procedure?

About 2.5 months ago I had zygoma and jaw reduction in Korea. Part of the surgery was buccal fat removal. I asked the doctor to do it conservatively. Now my cheeks look puffy... READ MORE

Sylouette Threadlift, Cheek Implants, Minilift Vs. Threadlift. What is Better for my Nasolabial Folds? (photo)

I am a 46 yo female that underwent jaw and zygoma reduction and I also had Buccal fat removal. I am mostly happy with the results, but my nasolabial folds have been slightly... READ MORE

What Type of Rhinoplasty Procedure Would Duplicate the Results of Wearing a Nasal Corrector? (photo)

I have used one of these nasal correctors sold in South America (see photo). They make the tip of the nose higher, ever-so-slightly longer and the alar base slimmer. . They... READ MORE

Exilis Laser vs. Micro liposuction for facial fat removal? (photo)

I am a 48 y/o woman with an excess of fat in the area of the face I marked on the photo (one side of the photo is with the area unmarked, the other with the area marked). I've... READ MORE

Injectables vs Implant Cheek Augmentation? (photo)

I would like more definition of my cheeks without making my face wider (increasing the projection of my cheeks to the front but not the sides). I would prefer fillers but I've... READ MORE