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That sounds so painful and, well, scary! Holy smokes. Yes. It seems that doing a touchup really helps. As I said, I will do them again. I wish I could upload a pic here of when I first got them done, then the touch up and then one of... READ COMMENT

Everyone looks duckbilled at first! It takes a bit to settle down. Having the right Dr is extremely important. I actually think she looks great, but that's just my opinion, of course. This is a VERY early pic. Like right after she had... READ COMMENT

I mean't more* than 6 months. Typo! READ COMMENT

This is weird, but I swear it's true. I've had mine done twice. The first time was in September 2010, and then again in December 2011. The second time I did it, I only needed a touch up. It's 2015, and my lips are STILL full! I had it... READ COMMENT