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Can I Be Refused Surgery Because of Age Limits?

I am 78 and I need abdominal wall repair, umbilical hernia and large diastasis. 24 hour distress. I was landscaping when My tummy ripped inside, and the the umbilical popped... READ MORE

How Soon Post-Op TT Should One be Able to Drive or Walk up Stairs?

How soon can you drive a car, or walk up the stairs after a full tummy tuck ? READ MORE

Can Both Repairs Be Done Together?

Is it true there are enzymes involved in the repair of umbilical hernia, with very large diastasis, at age 79 ? A surgeon in canada said it was the reason they did not do them.... READ MORE

What Do You Cauterize DPN with ?

I had a few on my face, and scratched them off, and let scars. They were more crusty than the photos, which appear softer. Is it the same thing if crusty? How do I prevent... READ MORE

Which Surgery Should Be Done First?

I am worried that because now my whole waist area is so very wide, it feels bowel is blown up. I wonder if I should have the umbilical hernia repaired with the bladder lift, or... READ MORE

How Does One Decide to Use the Barr Procedure for Umbilical Hernia ? Is It More for a Larger Hernia

I will need to have umbilical hernia repair and a very large diastasis.. and wondered if Barr , which attaches the umbilical repair to the back wall? pelvic bone? would be... READ MORE