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Reconstructive surgery of course. READ COMMENT

I have been reading these posts and there is no need to get prickly. Aniranch, luckily you were satisfied with your results however miniscule but like UglyScars and I was not and there's many more. The boards on your soapbox must be... READ COMMENT

I don't have an attorney, there was the one in FL. but he dropped out of site. I was thinking about change.org for media attention. Read about the site and let me know what you think about that idea. READ COMMENT

I've been when you are I spoke with the attorney, I spoke with the state medical board, I gave a testimony to an attorney recommended on this site. Then he disappeared like he never existed and I think he was a plant or something like... READ COMMENT

The amount of injustice I feel is exceeded only by my need for revenge. READ COMMENT