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Ultherapy for Lower Face and Neck - Westwood, CA

I just had it done last week. They gave me a vicodin and xanax [I highly recommend taking some pain meds] It is painful even with the meds, but I did very well, did not have to rest during treatment. The aesthetic PA did it and did not give any aftercare info. Like your neck is numb, swollen and... READ MORE

Better for Neck Bands? Santa Monica, CA

I had been using Botox for my ugly neckbands. I was never really impressed, or really noticed that much difference. The medspa was offering a special, so I decided to try it. I saw better than Botox results a couple of days following the injections [I think maybe 20 or less units] Same amt they... READ MORE

I Am So Happy I Removed the Implants. Santa Barbara, CA

I considered re implanting them, but after much pain, hard capsules, and the scare of another mammogram [plus they were 40+ years old] I had procrastinated far too long. When I was 21 no mention of replacing them. I went on 8 consults, until I found the perfect plastic surgeon. He said I did not... READ MORE

Questions from bernie001

Chin Implant No Longer Fits Aging Profile, Would Your Recommend Non-Surgical Options or Revision Surgery? (photo)

I had a chin implant when I was 16 [now 60] and my jawline has obviously changed. Looks like my chin and lower lip jut out too much, have some notches that have developed where... READ MORE

Can Ulthera Be Done on the Neck Only, or is the Lower Face with It Necessary?

I have wrinkled neck, and bands [I will botox them] and not really happy with my profile. I just paid for a future visit for neck only, mainly because I am afraid of the pain,... READ MORE

Have I lost my smooth jawline due to fat or lax skin? (Photo)

I already had ulthera, titan and it did not lift this area. It was suggested I do i lipo ot trusculpt. Makes sense, if thisis fat. I am very thin, thin neck. The ulthera did... READ MORE

Fat transfer or fillers. What is the criteria for each?

I have posted questions already. I would never get a facelift or neck lift, so I would like some alternatives besides these methods for more volume and lifting. I have done... READ MORE

How would I find a good plastic surgeon in Serbia for Breast explant?

I am traveling to Serbia and have been told there are excellent doctors and prices. How would I find? Need breast explant, maybe redo, and a neck lift. I am guessing this would... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; lifestyle lift/lite lift or neck lift for neck and jowls?

Does the short scar facelift [like lifestyle lift/lite lift] work for a neck wrinkles and some jowls or is a lower facelift or necklift better for this? READ MORE

Breast explant surgery after 40 years. Which is safer: in office, or in a hospital under general with an anesthesiologist?

I am afraid of the psychological effect of no breasts, not fitting into clothes, etc. I have always had hard capsule, many immune issues, pain, ruptures. How long after explant... READ MORE

Do I need to do more tests before I have the explant to see if I have silicone in lymphs?

I am scheduled for implant removal surgery in a few weeks. I have had many health issues, I believe to be caused by the rupture and silicone leakage. My plastic surgeon says if... READ MORE

Discussions started by bernie001

Post removal depression and getting through it?

I have scheduled my implant removal in May. I have so many fears about the outcome. Yes, I want a healthy body. But I was SO self conscious about my flat chest, got my implants... READ MORE

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It's scary since implants do not allow normal mammograms. Painful and they can't tell what is there. I went thru the same thing, that is a good enough reason to get them out. Sorry you had to go thru that scare. Hope you are feeling... READ COMMENT

I have 40 year old saline implants. I have had 9 consults and I have decided to do it next month-but my dilemma-remove, replace and if I do-aline this time? I have been in pain for a long time and the thought of anymore silicone... READ COMMENT

Wasted my money again. Then if I see another injector, they tell me it all depends on the placement. I have had it put everywhere and it does not do anything. Through with injectables. Should I try co2 laser? READ COMMENT

I just had a syringe of Voluma again. First time was this year- Feb. [2 syringes] then Radiesse in April [2 syringes] and now Oct. I am against a facelift, so I guess I am hoping this keeps me slightly less aged. I feel I look good, my... READ COMMENT

Can I ask your age? You look good after this procedure. READ COMMENT