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I had a similar problem and had it done twice. The second time it caused small indents in various places. I should have left it alone. I had injections done to fill in the dents, but, it didn't fill in the dents. It caused pockets... READ COMMENT

I am very sorry about the paralysis. How long ago did you get it done? The juvederm is my lips on the sides of my mouth. It is also caused folds and line from my nose to my mouth(she missed and made a fold) and lines from my mouth... READ COMMENT

I not not have paralysis, but, this Juvederm has been in my face now for seven years! It was injected in the lower part of my face and is a mess. I live in Canada, but, if you need any signatures or anything I would gladly help out.... READ COMMENT

Yes, I had that done before I had Juvederm. I had Restalyne put in prior to that and had the same problem(wuth a different person). I was told it was the person who injected that was the problem. It lasted several years. A plastic... READ COMMENT

I had Juvederm placed around my mouth SEVEN YEARS ago by a well respected injector in the city. I still have horrible lumps that have aged my face tremendously! I will try the baking soda tonight. I hope so much it will help... READ COMMENT