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Melarase Vs. Obagi for Dark Spots on the Legs?

I want to choose between Obagi and Melarase for dark spots on the legs. Which one will lighten up my dark spots below my knees. READ MORE

How many times do I use Melarase a day for my dark spots?

I have dark spots on my scars and want to use Melarase for the darkness. How many times do i use the cream per day and how long will it take for the scar to disappear. READ MORE

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We have obtained excellent results with Ematrix for acne scars. Thank you for your review. READ COMMENT

We very much appreciate your comments. Removal of silicone from the lips is a very difficult process due to tissue inflammation, fibrosis, silicone reaction, foreign body tissue reaction, granuloma formation, muscular involvement, and... READ COMMENT

Thanks for your comments on laser tattoo removal. Its a time-consuming practice, but looks as though it is working in your case. READ COMMENT

Thank you for the very kind words. Earlobe reconstruction and repair is often needed when there is a torn earlobe from a piercing, keloid formation, or with extreme scarring after a facelift or necklift. READ COMMENT

Our office specializes in the removal of Aquamid and other permanent fillers from the face and body. These fillers can often cause soft tissue fibrosis and inflammation. READ COMMENT