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Melarase Vs. Obagi for Dark Spots on the Legs?

I want to choose between Obagi and Melarase for dark spots on the legs. Which one will lighten up my dark spots below my knees. READ MORE

How many times do I use Melarase a day for my dark spots?

I have dark spots on my scars and want to use Melarase for the darkness. How many times do i use the cream per day and how long will it take for the scar to disappear. READ MORE

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My pleasure. The most important tasks in treating silicone complications are to first treat the medical issues while preserving the cosmesis of the soft tissue. Elective cosmetic surgery is an important, but second priority. READ COMMENT

The issue of fat grafting is a common question we face when dealing with silicone related complications in the buttocks. Although it would seem that the replacement of inflamed silicone with viable fat may be a good option, it is not... READ COMMENT

Some cases of silicone removal are palliative and are not meant to 'cure' a problem. Patients with silicone inflammation and rejection may have acute and chronic changes in the soft tissue that are amenable to treatment, but not... READ COMMENT

I continue to see many patients with silicone and foreign body reaction in the buttocks. There continue to be many misconceptions about treatment. We reserve treatment for those patients who have minimal fibrosis and who have manifested... READ COMMENT

We have demonstrated effectiveness with suction-assisted removal of silicone in select cases. When there is associated fibrosis, the silicone becomes more difficult to remove. READ COMMENT