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Melarase Vs. Obagi for Dark Spots on the Legs?

I want to choose between Obagi and Melarase for dark spots on the legs. Which one will lighten up my dark spots below my knees. READ MORE

How many times do I use Melarase a day for my dark spots?

I have dark spots on my scars and want to use Melarase for the darkness. How many times do i use the cream per day and how long will it take for the scar to disappear. READ MORE

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Plato's Scar Serum used twice daily for hypertrophic scars READ COMMENT

Begin with application of Plato's Scar Serum twice daily to help reduce the keloid followed by a doctor's visit to address your candidacy for lasers, injection, and surgery. READ COMMENT

I have had extensive experience with cellulite treatments and have demonstrated my unique approach with cellulite therapy known as the Brazilian Cellulite Treatment on The Doctors television show. With over 5 years in treating patients... READ COMMENT

Cellulite can have many causes, including excessive fat accumulation and shortened dermofascial fibers within the soft tissue. I invented a procedure known as the Brazilian Cellulite Treatment that allows for percutaneous release of... READ COMMENT

TCA is one of the most effective chemical peels. There is a cumulative experience with TCA among surgeons and dermatologists who collectively feel that the TCA peel penetration can be well-controlled within the different layers of the... READ COMMENT