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Still Waiting to SEE Any Results?

2-weeks ago I had IPL; V-Beam and 5 minutes of Blu-Light laser all in one appointment. This was to get rid of "precancerous" spots BUT I was also told I would SEE improvement in age spots, red marks, and general redness. I am still waiting to see ANYTHING, how long does it take to see... READ MORE

Questions from 4755anon

Do IPL and V-Beam Treat Large Areas or Do They Target Specific Spots Only?

2-weeks ago I had IPL; V-Beam and 5 minutes of Blu-Light laser all in one appointment. This was to get rid of "precancerous" spots on the face BUT I was also told I... READ MORE

Can IPL, V-Beam and Blu-light Laser Treatments of the Face Cause New Wrinkles?

I had IPL, V-Beam, and some Blu-Light laser 2 weeks ago. I want to know if laser treatments can cause additional wrinkles? I swear I now have MORE new chin and upper lip/mouth... READ MORE

Why is It Important Not to Scrub Your Face After Laser Treatments?

After facial laser treatment of IPL, V-Beam and Blu-light, my face is peeling rather alot! I want to know why I shouldn’t use an exfoliate or a buff-puff face scrubber to... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Peel a Lot After IPL, V-Beam & Blu-light Laser Treatments?

I had a laser treatment a week ago using 3 different types of laser, IPL, V-Beam, and Blu-light. Now my face is profusely peeling, not just flaking. Is that to be expected? Do... READ MORE

No Results After First IPL/V-Beam Treatment

I had one IPL, v-beam laser treatment 10-days ago and still do not see any difference in the condition of my skin. All the same red marks, red-blotchy areas, age spots, broken... READ MORE

Using Facial Toners After an IPL/V-Beam Treatments?

I have always used a toner or astringent as a part of facial cleansing routine; but would like to know if it is OK to continue after having laser treatment as a part of regular... READ MORE

When to Tell Your Doctor You Don’t See IPL Results?

Can you please tell me just how long I should wait until I go back to my doctor and tell her I am unsatisfied with my IPL with kerastick & v-beam treatment because I just... READ MORE

Does Vitamin K Cream Help Shrink Broken Capillaries on the Face?

Does the use of over the counter vitamin K cream really help get rid of bruises and/or tiny broken capillaries on the face? What about “blood-blisters”? READ MORE

Are IPL Settings Different when Addressing AK’s As Opposed to Age Spots?

I would like to know if the settings on the IPL machine are different when treating precancerous areas with kerastick, than it would be for treating other... READ MORE