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I finally had my procedure done August 6 - So Far So Good - Houston, TX

After a month delay due to the flu, I finally had my procedure done August 6 (the day after I got back from Greece).  I was SO nervous, but they gave me Valium and Demerol and Versed and I had no problems. BACKGROUND:  I will be 39 in less than a month.  No kids.  5'2"... READ MORE

Definitely Worth Doing!!

You can read my background under the SmartLipo review. Because I was so thin and athletic, I had pitifully small breasts.  Nobody ever complained, but I felt like my clothes didn't fit properly and hated bikini season (even though the rest of me looked great, I always had to use a padded... READ MORE

Started with Invisalign; Ended with Damon Braces

BACKGROUND:  I had braces in the 7th grade like most people, and for 16 months like most people.  I was closing gaps in otherwise perfectly straight teeth.  I had a lower permanent retainer that I had removed when I turned 20.  Things looked fine until I hit about 35, then... READ MORE

Not Worth the Pain or the Money

BACKGROUND:  You can read about my background under the SmartLipo review. CONSULTATION:  In January 2008 I began considering LipoDissolve as a means to get rid of the tummy pooch that was developing.  I also had small banana rolls under my rear.  I researched this... READ MORE

Three Facial Procedures - Rhinoplasty - Scottsdale, AZ

You can read my background under the SmartLipo review. Although nobody has ever made any negative comments about my nose, I have never liked it. When I was much younger, I thought it was too wide. As I aged, the tip of my nose started becoming more bulbous and started forming a divot in the... READ MORE

Three Facial Procedures - Bilateral Upper Blepharoplasty

You can read my background under the SmartLipo review. Although nobody (except one critical ex boyfriend) has ever said anything negative about my eyes, I had two problems with them that I felt needed improvement. First, when I was 20, my (now ex) husband backhanded me and his class ring split... READ MORE

Questions from GearGirl

Why Did my Facial Skin Become Pitted in Fat Injected Areas?

I had rhinoplasty in October 2011. I've always looked at least a decade younger than I am, but my PS was pretty insistent on doing facial fat injections around my mouth, at my... READ MORE

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You look amazing girl!!! :) Congratulations! READ COMMENT

Hi! Thank you for the compliment! :) I am not going to recommend the nurse I had. She fought me on most of the stuff I requested (simple getting me food or scheduling visits) and seriously overcharged me. It's almost... READ COMMENT

I honestly have nonstop running nose. A lot of docs on the sites blame it on allergies when people complain postop...but I think something happens and I know what allergy runny nose is vs what I've got now. Sometimes if I tip my head... READ COMMENT

Your nose looks amazing! Proportional to your face! :) And the indentations in the tip, OMG I wondered the same thing. I had Michael Jackson nose for about 10 days and it FREAKED me out. Looks a lot better now, haha! READ COMMENT

LOL oh I SO understand about the postop panic. I thought, since I've had other stuff done before, that this would be a piece of cake. NOPE. I had more postop panic with this than anything else (probably because I'm a little older, my... READ COMMENT