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Life Will Never be the Same, But That's a Good Thing! - Rockville, MD

I have been considering bariatric surgery for a number of years now and for a number of reasons, which I will go into further down. I always knew that I didn't want a Lap Band: I have more weight to lose than is feasible with a Lap Band, I don't want the hassle of the port and the continuous... READ MORE

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Hi there, good luck with your surgery tomorrow, I hope it goes well and you have a smooth recovery!So, you're getting implants with some BBL also, or just the implants this time? READ COMMENT

Ladies, while we understand you may be upset and/or frustrated with your situations and we want you to be able to share your true experiences, RealSelf is not the place the discuss creating lawsuits.We want you to have an open space to... READ COMMENT

Hey there, good luck with your surgery. I hope it goes well and you have a smooth recovery.A couple of points:Don't be discouraged if you put on a few pounds right after surgery. It's all the gas, air and swelling you have going on... READ COMMENT

Hey there, welcome!I also had to have a sleep study, I think it's common place. They want to know if they need you on a CPAP, while you're in surgery. I also saw a cardiologist. My review is pretty long, but if you can't sleep one... READ COMMENT