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Life Will Never be the Same, But That's a Good Thing! - Rockville, MD

I have been considering bariatric surgery for a number of years now and for a number of reasons, which I will go into further down. I always knew that I didn't want a Lap Band: I have more weight to lose than is feasible with a Lap Band, I don't want the hassle of the port and the continuous... READ MORE

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I totally know the temptation! I bake all of my family celebration cakes (birthday, Easter, Christmas, etc). It's way too tempting!I do think you should reconsider putting your hubby in the freezer instead of the bunny though! Haha! I... READ COMMENT


Congratulations, you're doing amazingly well and walking for an hour a day is great! We'll all be here for you. :-) READ COMMENT

You can do this. Day 5 is amazing, you got this far and you can go the distance! We'll be here supporting you the whole way. :-) READ COMMENT

It can be frustrating, but hang in there. The 6 month waiting period is common and it's not easy to have to wait but it gives you a good amount of time to get other things done that you need done. Testing, psych evaluations, etc... READ COMMENT