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Hello, It is called Randee Elaine in Manhattan. READ COMMENT

@Christal we sound like the same complexion, around caramel and mine were lighter as well. I never got dark stretchmarks and yes it will work provided the people know what they are doing, you follow it up in the recommended time they... READ COMMENT

I know I am late sorry. I had my stretchmarks since the age of 15 when suddenly this scrawny little string bean started to get hips and a more womanly figure rapidly. I believe I got a special where 6 treatments were like $100 per... READ COMMENT

HHmm...I don't remember. I know the place and if we could send private e-mails I can give you their number and find out. I think it was the less stronger one to be honest. READ COMMENT

I used fraxel for my stretchmarks as an African American and u get dark dots in the area but ALL of mine have faded back to natural complexion, even with improvement in skin tone. But it depends on how your skin in particular reacts and... READ COMMENT