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Can I Have a Brazilian Butt Lift and a Breast Reduction or Lift at the Same Time?

Breast Reduction or Lift and Brazillian butt Lift: Can these two procedures be done at the same time? READ MORE

Recovery Houses or Post Surgery Assistance in Miami/Fort Lauderdale?

I will be traveling to Miami/Fort Lauderdale for cosmetic surgery in Late August. I am having a hard time getting someone to commit to coming with me for 10 days (which is alot... READ MORE

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If I were you I would either scrap them all together or get every detail in writing. And I don't mean emails. I mean a signed contract. READ COMMENT

No disrespect but your review sounds fake and your pictures don't match up with each That is unless you flipped them some of them. This is a forum for real patients and it's a little upsetting when people post fake review to promote a... READ COMMENT

Those stupid drains take awhile to heal. I used neosporin and a waterproof bandaid. I thjnk B itbwas called nexcare. I changed it every other day. It held up pretty well durin g showers and reduced the scarring. Hope that helps. READ COMMENT

This is just the beginning. You will lose many friends over this surgery most of whom will be jealous. Thats why I always suggest that women keep their business to themselves. Let people, wonder, speculate and talk about you behind... READ COMMENT