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Ultherapy Yesterday; Lip Very Swollen, Eyes Swollen, Chin Bruised. Options?

I had my ultherapy treatment yesterday, The technician also did my upper lip,I have a slight amount of swelling around my eyes and a bit under my chin... READ MORE

Ulthera Caused Spider Veins and Broken Capillaries?

I just did an Ultherapy treatment around my eyes, the doctor warned me it could bust capillaries and then she would treat them with Vbeam. However, I... READ MORE

Do I need all this treatment or are they just trying to up-sale me?

A provider has suggested that in addition to full face and neck Ultherapy that they can do "add on's" on top of the full procedures for added benefit... READ MORE

Will taking prednisone decrease ulthera's ability to lay down new collagen?

2 weeks ago I had the ulthera procedure on face and around eyes. Yesterday, due to a back ailment, my ortho doc just prescribed prednisone for 2 weeks... READ MORE

Did I make a mistake going with Ultherapy instead of Thermitight? (Photo)

I had Ultherapy performed three days ago. It included my upper neck, chin, lower face, and above my eyes. Today I ran across Thermitight... I had... READ MORE

Ultherapy made my face so small and narrow. Will I go back to normal? (Photo)

It's been 6 months. I'm literally missing 30 percent of my face. It's so ugly. I'm all nose. I didn't look anything like this.I just did 2 juvederm in... READ MORE

I need help. Ultherapy ruined my face. Can I get to back? No I do not and cannot do Botox. (Photo)

I was beautiful before ultherapy. 6 mos later, I am gaunt and any asymmetry I had us magnified 100x. Especially my eyes. They are small and miss... READ MORE

I did Ultherapy 6 mos ago. I have a thin face with big brown eyes. I look hard now. Will this wear off or is this my new face?

I am 41 big eyes, beautiful bone structure. My eyes aren't as pretty and now I'm too boney. Have I ruined myself or will things fall back into place?... READ MORE

Can Ultherapy cause a detached retina?

I started having floaters in my Left eye 2 weeks After therapy. I still have some pain touching the left side of forehead. I had it done April 21st. I... READ MORE

My eyes have shrunk from Ultherapy. Will they come back to their original shape? (photos)

Ultherapy destroyed my looks. I can get fat grafts but my gorgeous eyes are now small and worn with some retraction. Did it shrink the socket? Will it... READ MORE

Ultherapy; Does it wear off? Will my face go back to normal? It has been 6 mos and the result is very unflattering.

Can someone tell me if my face will loosen up and things will go back to normal. I want to look soft and friendly and sexy again. I look like skelator... READ MORE

Fat grafts post Ultherapy. Is there any conflict of interest by having the fat grafts after the Ultherapy?

Had ultherapy on my face a couple weeks ago. Having fat grafts to my cheeks and a bit around my side eye sockets in 2 weeks. Time between the 2... READ MORE

I need to restore my eyes to their original pre-ultherapy shape. Should I see an oculoplasty surgeon? (Photo)

My eyes are small and hooded. I was pulled too tight I guess and lost fat in the forehead causing a droop. I look like hell. Is there a way to get my... READ MORE

Why does Ultherapy change your eyes for the worse? (Photo)

Ultherapy only lasts 1-2 years. Do the eyes go back to looking pre-ultherapy when everything falls? Here are 2 examples. These women had gorgeous eyes... READ MORE

What are the side effects of Ultherapy?

What are the side effects of Ultherapy on the face? Since my last email to you (30mins ago) I've read some negative reviews and I want to know if it... READ MORE

I lost a lot of facial fat after Ultherapy and my lower eyes have retracted . Will fat injections bring back my shape?

I know this is an atypical side effect , but it happened. Doctors agree, and are working to restore my face...the worst thing is my eyes. My brows... READ MORE

Ultherapy ruined my face and eyes. My left eye is retracted on the lower lid? Advice? (photo)

This entire process has been a shit show. It melted fat in oat of my face but my cheeks are becoming huge. I'm distorted all around. My left eye looks... READ MORE

I had Ultherapy 6 months ago and it has pulled my eyebrows to the sides so my eyes look asian. Can it be fixed?

This had been very awful as my eyes appear smaller and almond. Before i rush into surgeries. ..i need to know if this will loosen up. I want my... READ MORE

Can any procedure be done to show more white on the corners of my eyes?

I had very poor results from Ultherapy. It tightened the skin around my eyes, giving me a smaller asian eyed look. The middle of the lower lid is a... READ MORE

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