Collagen + Ultherapy

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Long-lasting Results for Ultherapy on Jowls?

How long do results last after a Ultherapy procedure to tighten loose skin around the jowls and neck? READ MORE

What Percentage of the Time is a Nerve Hit During Ulthera Treatment?

How often is a nerve hit during Ulthera? I heard of a staff member in a doctor's office who's cheek was numb for a few months after having... READ MORE

How Does Ultherapy Tighten Skin While Giving It Plumpness?

Is it risky to combine Silikon 1000 with ultherapy? Is it common to have both? READ MORE

Will taking prednisone decrease ulthera's ability to lay down new collagen?

2 weeks ago I had the ulthera procedure on face and around eyes. Yesterday, due to a back ailment, my ortho doc just prescribed prednisone for 2 weeks... READ MORE

How does Alma's Laser Clearlift compare to Ultherapy?

Both claim to be lunchtime facelifts that stimulate collagen without injuring the skin on the surface. Clear lift recommends four treatments whereas... READ MORE

Does Ulthera, as it goes past the fat layer to the SMS layer dissipate the facial fat? (Photo)

Is there any way to measure (test) this? Like with an ultrasound before and after? My understanding is that Collagen will be stimulated and that the... READ MORE

How does collagen regenerate?

How does collagen regenerate. Everyone's different so how do you know yours will. Does smoking,drinking, and the Sun play a factor in collagen... READ MORE

Does Ultherapy affect Sculptra?

I have just had Ultherapy 2 weeks ago but have also had 3 injections of Sculptra , all 3 was completed from last year Dec. to this year Feb. , would... READ MORE

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