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Can I Take a Water Pill After Lipo/tummy Tuck (Two Weeks After)?

Can I Take a Water Pill After Lipo/tummy Tuck  (Two Weeks After ).. READ MORE

How Long Do I Need to Wait After Surgery to Get in a Pool or the Ocean?

I had a full TT and a breast lift. When can I get in the water without risking infection or other damage? Thanks! READ MORE

Retaining Water on Stitches After Tummy Tuck?

Did a tummy tuck in 2009 and up to date the area of the stitches is swollen and not flat like if there is liquid beneath the skin there is also a... READ MORE

Is peeing too much after Tummy Tuck normal?

I had a tummy tuck today at 7:30 am. I have been peeing a lot this afternoon. I think it may be due to the swelling. Is this normal? I've been... READ MORE

If you don't drink lots of water after having Tummy tuck / lipo contouring, what can happen ?

I am going to have Tummy tuck/ lipo waist. & back body contouring soon and was told I would have to drink lots of water after my procedures . I am not... READ MORE

Water under abdominal wall. Is my situation dangerous?

I had TT in Oct 18 2014 ..had a big pain started 3 weeks ago and did ultra sound Showed that there is some water stored in the place where the muscles... READ MORE

I am having a revision for a small "dog ear" on my hip. How long do I have to wait to submerge in water?

I am having a revision for a small "dog ear" on my hip. The doctor is using local to numb and revise. My question is-How long do I have to wait to... READ MORE

Could my water pill increase drainage post tummy tuck?

Today is day 18 post complete tummy tuck. My left drain is still in and producing 50-95 cc per day. Could my hydroclorothiazide be making more fluid... READ MORE

4 month post op very swollen. I think I have gained ten pounds in water if that is even possible (Photo)

Hi doctors Thank you for taking the time to review my question. I am very swollen Is this normal 4 months post op. I also had neck surgery 2 weeks ago... READ MORE

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