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Hardened Tissue After Tummy Tuck

Hi, I just wanted to ask if there should be tissue or muscle that is extremely hardened under the skin of the abdomen, after a 3 year old tummy tuck.... READ MORE

Mini Tummy Tuck Complications

Three months ago I had a mini tummy tuck. I am told by my doctor that the tissue did not adhere. It looks like I still has a fat belly over my scar.... READ MORE

Do i need mesh with this or is there any other option? (photos)

So my gs had me get a ct and basically my whole stomach is a ventral hernia. I have a diastasis and my fascia tissue is so thin and disapears at my... READ MORE

3 days post op Tummy Tuck I have blood tissue clots in my tubes. Is it ok to leave until my next follow up 3 days from now?

They not blocking just sitting in the blub. I've emptied and recorded my discharge but of course the tissue is to large to take out. Is it ok to just... READ MORE

Bruising, hard-like ball swelling continues after removal of Hematoma after TT?

I am 16 days post TT. Right after surgery, some type of indentation showed on what is now a right side with a ball- like swollen area and bruised. My... READ MORE

Are rolls or fatty tissue over TT scar normal? (Photo)

I am 5 weeks post op and the sides of my scar (sides next to the super tight center) have fatty skin or rolls that roll over the car itself when I sit... READ MORE

I'm 14 days post op and my PS said my tissue has turned necrotic in a couple of areas. Any suggestions? (photo)

My PS snipped and cleaned out those areas and he said it would get worse before it gets better. Later that day it does look worse and I'm just unsure... READ MORE

10 yrs post op TT w/ hernia surgery. 3 months I couldn't straighten my body. My stomach tissue died. Any suggestion? (photo)

My stomach tissue died. It took 6 month ,4 surgery's to close the hole . Ten yard later, I still have such extreme tightness, am Physical therapy... READ MORE

Dead tissue coming out of the drain hole or infection? (photo)

Noticed this when I got out of the shower today, been keeping it really clean. The whole area around it is super itchy as well. Was supposed to get it... READ MORE

I had an ultra sound done and apparently I have dead tissue about 3cmx3cm. What could be causing it?

I was told that the tissue is the protective layer that covers my organs and that a portion is dead. I will be doing an MRI in a few weeks. Any ideas... READ MORE

How to save the upper abdomen without fibrous septas? Reverse Tummy tuck with Mesh?

I had an abdo lipo\7 times fat grafts to my upper abdo\complete TT with lipo in the past 3.5 years for many reasons.But now my entire abdomen is very... READ MORE

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