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NHS General Surgeon Refuses to Repair my Diastasis Recti Because It Will Create More Problems for Me Than Its Worth- True?

I have a big gap between my muscles after having children. My abdominal area is weak and i cant carry heavy without feeling pain.I suffer from lower... READ MORE

How Do You Avoid Tension on the Incision During Healing?

In a tummy tuck, the external flesh is repositioned - I'm curious about closing of the incision and how tension/pulling is avoided. Is it usually... READ MORE

Can a High Lateral Tension Abdominoplasty Be Performed if I Have No Excess Skin?

I had full tummy tuck with muscle tightening all the way up, but still have a considerable bulge in the lower abdomen. Only one vertical row of... READ MORE

What is the Progressive Tension Method? Drains or No Drains I'm Getting Confused, Which is Better?

I need to know what is the difference between the progressive tension method or drains? READ MORE

Could I Have Damaged My Muscle Repair 2 Weeks PO?

At 2 weeks po after my tummy tuck, I had to catch myself from falling backwards out of a chair - I had to tense up my stomach muscles pretty good and... READ MORE

Will Botox Help with my Full TT Scar and Scar Surrounding Areas Tention and Stiffness?

I'm 25 years old, I had a full TT 4yrs back after weight loss of 88lbs, I weigh now 165lbs. The surgeon decided I needed a full TT and took about 25... READ MORE

What would you recommend; pressure tension sutures vs Drains?

What is the best option when it comes to post op/surg as far as the fluid build up? And do any factors play in to affect as far as size of person,... READ MORE

Abdominal Wall Tension: Looking for an accomplished physician

Looking for a doctor who can help me with a challenging case . I've had several abdominal reconstructions the last was supposed to be a corrective... READ MORE

Can I anticipate my tummy tuck scar to heal as well as my breast lift scars from 2.5 yrs ago?

I had a breast lift, full anchor scars. Healed very well and faded nicely. Recently did a tummy tuck. I wanted to know if I should expect the scar to... READ MORE

2 weeks post op tummy tuck: Muscle tension at night - is this normal?

I had a tummy tuck 2 weeks ago and had absolutely no pain. It felt like I had sore muscles. On day 4 I stopped all pain meds. Recently I have noticed... READ MORE

Should binder after Tummy Tuck cover the incision?

I am 2 weeks post my tummy tuck. I would like to reduce the tension on my scar as much as possible and wanted to know if my binder should also cover... READ MORE

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